It is not that I don’t have anything to write about,of course I have a lot,but to call it “writers block…?” Unfortunately I can’t agree with that…..I don’t see myself as a writer….

See,the pictures in mý mind and the memories embedded in my head,are not your usual “unhappy and then find love” type of stories. My stories are very real and true and even though I’m the one,who got hurt the most,that little voices in my head,keep telling me to be careful…. that more people could get hurt…unnecessarily,if I tell my next story,that played such a big roll,in another reason why my life turned out, the way it did….

So,I don’t know about “writers block”….. maybe it should be called “block” full stop!!

It’s something that holds you back,to give your thoughts and decisions some time….. to make sure, you can handle the replies on what you’re about to share….I can’t say, I wear my heart on my sleeve,but the beans I’m about to spill,isn’t for the faint hearted……

So please,let me make sure that whatever my memories portrait,is the whole truth……because my next post will definitely not be a happy one!!!

Please take a look at my previous posts,so my true live stories,would make more sense.

Also see my boards on Pinterest……you’ll be amazed at all the information they have to offer!!!!

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