For once,I am NOT including any photos,except for my usual “blog-info”

I believe all of us started out blogging,with big dreams and high expectations….about what we think other people need from us ….not really thinking about how it really affect us…..not thinking about how we’d grow,to lure new raders and keep our regular readers and/or followers in…..do you still remember the reason,you started blogging…?Can you still remember,what you wanted to achieve,with your blogposts and what was innitially expected from you,to become a seasoned blogger……Is it really how we thought it will end up,or are we only pushing to get a certain amount of blogs,to be posted within the shortest timespan….maybe it has something to do,with how many years you’ll be blogging away…Does it have anything to do,with the amount of readers and followers,you can attract,in the shortest time…?Do I see it as give and take,or is it that I give and don’t worry,if I don’t get the highest readercount,or followers…?

When I started with this blog,I was advised to:post as much as possible…to get readers,who can become potential followers and build my blog…..I was already blogging away,at a speed of at least one post per day,for four months,when I got the advice(from the same advisors previously,mind you)to be CAREFULL,not too overflow my blog with TOO many posts,because it can become too boring,to my regular readers and scare off,potential followers.Then,I was advised to try and keep my posts constant and publish on the same days of the week,for readers to know,when to expect a new post from me….BUT again make sure,to publish on the days,there wil be a big “audience”like Monday,Thursday and Saterday…..TAKE note.to publish between 7H45,on “THIS AND THAT” social platform,like Instagram….and on”thesse and those days” and on 221h45,on LinkedIn….ect.no,no,no…remember….it is ONLY when you are posting on WordPress…To publish on LinkedIn,or Twitter,ect.you need a TOTALLY different ballgame…different times AND days to PUBLISH ..In ALL this,you have to take time in DECIDING the name of YOUR blog and not to repost your older posts and while we’re at it,remember to blog about something,you know will attract more readers.Like recipes or DIY,or gardening,or how to make money….to give 5 pointers advice on a topic,is good…..if you are active or well-informed,in any of these areas…..So:my blog is totally personal,with a really well tested and deserved recipe,every now and then.It doesn’t make me a baker…..I love gardening,but I think the market is flooded with gardening tips….it’s in these magazines,I found all my knowledge!I am a retired nurse and nursed in two old age homes,for the last nearly 28 years….I love the elderly and would go through great lenghths,to help when I can,regarding them……It still doesn’t make me an expert in the medical field…I love animals and only took in abused dogs,or dogs meant for euthanasia.I “read” my boy dogs,but does it make me an overall expert….?Well enough,to keep me blogging about animals and keep it interesting enough,not only to draw readers,but to keep the few I have happy….?

Unfortunately,it means that I can’t give a pointer,like how to get rid of fleas,or how to plant petunias….not five ways to raise four teenage children…or three ways,to learn how to read your dogs….five ways to not get divorced….or maybe four ways,on how to take care of your incontinent elderly mother,with Dimentia,Diabetes and an amputated leg……?

NO,the only thing I know how to do,is to tell you,about my life,my life’s experiences and mishaps….only for you to know,that you’re not alone….that.this is what I did and maybe you can try it too.NO pointers on how to:because even if you can associate with my circumstances,your case is unique and your solutions to your problems,are just as unique.It may cost me a few,of the already little readers,but there will be someone,someday,who will read about my life and make use of my blogs,exactly as I intended:be of service,to those few readers out there,who understand where I’m coming from……..and where I’m going to…..

With this post,I seriously don’t mean to downgrade,any of the worldknown and successful bloggers…….IT WOULD BE FOOLISH……they have been doing it for a few years already……but why can’t I have MY day in the spotlight,just because I won’t try,to be compared to all those,who follow the mass……5 ways to……4 ways NOT to……

Accept me for ME and give credit to what I AM trying to achieve……

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