Tonight,like so many times before,I feel like a Preacher,preparing his sermon for tomorrow…..Most of the times,my thoughts would be awaken,by just a sentence and in so many cases,just a word.Maybe it’s because of my childhood abuse,unneccesary strict upbringing,premature pregnancy,4 children and 7 grandkids,multiple marriages,divorcee and widow…. I sometimes feel,that a question asked on the Qora Q&A social media platform,is specifically meant for me.I like to help people and if my blog can help just one person,my job is done.

This was actually the 4th time,I tried to tell my story….My previous ones just “disappeared”……

Like most of us,I’m actually really tired of this Corona Virus invasion.It’s not because I can’t handle it and definitely not how my family experience it….It’s just that our Government can’t decide,who should hand out new laws…..We’re not going to improve our infections,by punishing the citizens and most definitely not by rationing us,where they don’t know how to handle the problem.

ALL of us are being rationed and punished,by denying us any tobacco products and now,after two weeks of opening the liquor stores with restrictions,the ban on any acoholic beverages are on it’s way back.We are all being treated,like a bunch of irresponsible children…. The fact is,that the majority of us have been patient….waiting it out and not complaining…..whilst most of the youth,especially in the townships couldn’t care less.Wè are following mandatory protocols… why punish a country…a city…a town,because of the lack of discipline,in the rural establishments.Sort out the problem,where it occurs….like in your chilhood days… are not responsible,for those who are consciously irresponsible …….

This is the newest idea,our MEC in the Eastern Cape came up with….In our mountainous areas, where we have sever snow and severe rain falls….not to stress the fact that our Ambulance Staff are already being highjacjed and robbed….in VEHICLES!!!How are they supposed to give quality treatment,to the poor patient,exposed to all elements of nature?It’s absurd and not only will the patients suffer,because of this decision,made by a person,in an extremely powerful position….This is a mockery of the Ambulance Service,of whom some staff members,studied years for….
It RÈALLY is high time the United Nations stand behind their name,and drastically do something,about the conditions in South Africa.
We are experiencing a powerplay amongs our ministers and all of them are looking for a way,to punish the citizens,instead of finding a communal solution.
Why don’t they just let us lead our lives,like the responsible people we are and let those who go against the law,feel the full might, as it would’ve been, before The Corona virus…..?

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