God,me and other stuff

To begin with…..Don’t stop reading,the moment you strike a sentence,or a few words,that would usually put you off…give me a fair chance and finish my post at least…. I know this specific post,won’t be something,everybody would want to read,after a wild night out,or sitting behind a desk,bored and waiting for the time to pass,on a Friday afternoon…..not for the people who shy away,when they see a person that openly aknowledge, his/her real religious orientation and those who would definitely avoid the people,who want to tell them about their Christian experiences….people like me….This post was one in the making,for a little too long now…….Long before I started blogging…..which exists only a few months,mind you…..If you didn’t read any of my previous posts and specifically the one:”PAH:THE SILENT KILLER”please do yourself the favor and read this post,to give you a better understanding,of where I’m going to,with this post…It’s not necessarily about my “near death experience….”but let me rather call it by it’s name:MY CLOSER TO GOD experience…?

It is something I’ve never experienced in my own life and only something I heard of,but never could imagine…..even growing up,to be a so called Christian and the life my parents had to offer me,a so called “true,to true South African”Christian upbringing….No…I’m not suddenly going to blame evereybody else,for the uncertainty I’ve had,about my own Christianity.

After having the closer to God experience and a longer than six week fight for my life,in the Medical ICU of St.Dominic’s Private Hospital in East London South Africa,I was a total new person.I felt God all around me… everything I said,came from deep inside…from a person I knew,but never knew,could feel so blessed…..so close to the Almighty.Everything I said and felt,was as if I was speaking with the knowledge of a GREATER Presence.I had dreams about my family and especially those really close to me….They were surprised at my Dreams and the “things”that happened in their lives,I knew about…Dreams of things,I could never have known,if not for a HIGHER INTERVENTION!!

I don’t really know how the GODLY INTERVENTION “works” or how to translate it,to an humanly understandable language.To try and explain the feeling and the most powerful power you feel,can not be described,or measured to anything…nothing can be compared to it.In 2015,I was diagnosed with a terminal illness,called Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension for the first time…an ilness without any treatment or operations,to reverse or cure this monster…..that said,according to the two Specialists that diagnosed me,unknown to each other and 400 kilometers apart,the illness was already in it’s two year stage.Without any treatment,life expectancy is usually only four to five years and in very rare cases,with treatment,it can be between five and seven years……I had my four year anniversary in February-March of this year and thanks to GOD I’m still going strong.

What scared me the most,was that I knew there was a bigger possibility,for me to die before my loved ones….well that’s what I thought in December,of 2019…..and then my brother,just 61 died,in January 2020…..but I trust the LORD and I know that,just maybe,He is not finished with me yet.I know that He will send somebody across my path,to help me,spread the Mighty Power of His word,through HIS me….His Goodness and His Miracles,He still performs today and that I’m a living and walking example of it.God gave me a special gift and I feel it’s high time,I do something about it…….don’t you……..

Please people…!!!I saw the fire and I heard the moaning and groaning and beggings,to be lifted out from that firepit….yet I was the one one,lifted out and put on the edge,of the hellhole……
I will most definitely keep on telling my true life/death experience,to anyone who do,but especially to those who don’t believe in God to tell them about His Greatness and His Love and His Glory and Love,He expressed towards me…I know it may sound silly,to those who don’t understand what I’m trying to say…..I feel Touched,Special and I believe in The Higher Power called GOD….

A special thanks to my sister,a real Christian,who isn’t afraid to declare her real love towards our Lord….Ria Tossel….thank you for your concerns about your family’s (especially my) relationship/s with God Almighty…..You are rèàlly keeping us on the right track….May God bless you in abundance.

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