I’m sure,that a lot of you,will be able to relate to my next post……Look,I’m not really into watching Television and when I do,it must be something,that can let me live myself into the life,of specific actors,at that specific moment I’m watching the story.Be it a film,a short story or series.I’m also very fussy,when it comes to watching any of these.I’m not that much into thrillers anymore,but will watch one occasionally.Then,I like to watch love dramas….not just a love story and not just a drama. I like some adventure(not too much though)and think the suspense can do one’s heart some good.As a child,we had the privilege,to go watch a movie,in the high school hall,once and sometimes twice a year.It would be a cowboy movie,with “Cowboys and Indians”and “Cowboys and Crooks”.With actors like Charles Bronson,the beautiful blue eyed Steve McQueenand John Wayne.I was about 5 or 6,back then,but there wasn’t a girl,teenager or woman,that could resist those eyes of Steve McQueen.My sister had posters,from the center page of my mother’s monthly magazine,against our bedroom wall……I wonder if teenagers are still putting posters of their favorite actors against their bedroom walls…?I had a big crush on old Steve and like every other female,I dreamt about us getting married and living happily ever after……more or less,like my best friend’s parents….When my sister moved out,on here own,she had to take the posters off,because my dad didn’t like it at all.I wasn’t allowed to put up any posters and the few I did put up,was summarily pulled down and torn up.Later years,I got a children’s school magazine once a month and also put the center fold posters,of my favorite teenage crushes up on my bedroom wall,which were also torn down,without thinking twice….
Pictures of the two male actors,in The Nancy Drew Mysteries,with that hunks Shawn Cassidy and Parker Stevens.Also my music icon,I grew up with and got to know,through my sister,from a very early age….The great Neil Diamond.
I couldn’t get enough of his music and in Grade 8,I was very surprised,that so many of the students,didn’t know about his existence,when I introduced his latest hit,called:Forever in blue jeans.Later on we went to see his film:The Jazz singer,that I just loved,at that stage.I was in a difficult marriage and to go see a movie about my music icon,was something I needed,as a “pick me up”Looking back now,I’m not very keen on the movie Jazz singer anymore,because,like Jon Bon Jovi that played the painter in:Moonlight and Valentino,it was only perfect at the time of release.I still have a lot of their songs,on my playlists and I will always be one of their biggest fans ever.They tried to make name on the movie sets,instead of rather doing what they do best:singing.Let’s go back to the movies and television series…..I quit watching thrillers,as it became too far fetched and have way too many special effects…..not that the special effects are not good,but it doesn’t work in all movies…..Then the love stories are so predictable and have the same story line,just different actors and places.The same with dramas……but if you make a film,or create a Television series,that include it all,you have a winner in my eyes.Where am I going with this….?Well the guys that regularly read my posts,will know that,at this stage,I am on my way,to the reason behind my story……We are relatively lucky in South Africa,to have good scriptwriters and producers and then,we have a lot of new and also young and upcoming actors,especially in our South African series. I’ve been following different ones during the years,until they become too predictable and boring,with the same old,same old repeats of situations,with the same actors,but different circumstances…..
This brings me to a South African Series now running,that keeps me on the edge of my seat,every Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday..It has a lot of young actors and let me tell you,that some of the more mature actors,in other series,can learn a great deal from them.The adult actors are just and good and all of them have my attention,for the whole duration of the program. There is the martyr,whom I want to shake,to wake her up,with everything going wrong,just as it seems she’s in the clear.She is Jolene Martin,playing the roll of Beatrice AbrahamsYou have the wise old mother of all,who knows everything and has advice for all….Celeste Matthew’s,The two gays that struggle,with the everyday challenges,of a relationship,with all the heartache,happiness and intrigues.Robert Kyle Meyer as LeeRoy AbrahamsCraig Adriaanse,as Wesley Rossouw The “goody few two shoes”that lead exemplary lives.The joker in the story,whom you laugh at,before he says a word.Just the look on his face and his actions will tell you,that he’s in unforseen trouble again.He is
Jody Abraham’s,as LionelThe released jailbird,whom even I am scared of……just because of his way of acting.Natural….can actually believe he was in jail,for many years.Elton Landrew,as Steve Mortlock
We have the parents,that struggle with their children’s everyday lives,in school,with temptations and drug abuse,bullying and other daily temptations…..The poor boy in Grade 12,who was left behind by his family and had to live in a big sewerage pipe,who met a bum,that was sure,he is one of her many other(imaginary)children. Then,like every perfect story,there must be a villain too.She’s always scheming and up to no good.The days she is not in the story,you automatically know,that she’ll come back,with a bang.I hate her and if she was her character,in real life,I’m surely not the only one,who would like to see her dead and gone!I just have to use unrepeatable language,the moment,she comes into the picture,but also the one I have to see each week,to make my day…….
Playing the role of Wendy Newman, is the very talented Rehane Abrahams

The series I’m telling you about and hope you’ll try and follow too,is a series called”Arendsvlei”The picture on my front page.The actors not mentioned,please you’re just as good and needed to make Arendsvlei so successful……


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