It is supposed to be cold and unpleasant,like it usually is,this time of year and especially this late,in the month of May….Less than a week left,until June and we barely touched any cold nights…they were few and far in between.We didn’t get our strong August winds either…even stronger in the Karoo,Klein Karoo and Western Cape areas…well we had some uncomfortable gusts,but nothing serious….not like we’re used to,at all……

When we woke up this morning,I felt hot and couldn’t wait,to get into something a little cooler.I was a bit surprised,when I draw the curtains,to let the early morning sun in,which is on time,at least,for the season….nothing!Only foggy and mistlike clouds flying by….nòt what we expected,in this still type of weather.Because we are proned to black frost,I keep my new young plants,that I already prepared for early Spring,in the house at night and we carry them all out,every morning,like we do each year.By best of times,most is a waste of time,because of the water restrictions,as we had the littlest of rainfall,for the past 8-9 years.I have to decide, which are important enough,to be kept alive,in the containers and which will die,in the scorching heat and due to the lack of proper irrigation…..

When we decided to move, from a very small rural town,about 68 kilometres away,to this,once apon a time(about 20 years ago)flourishing little country side town,we never dreamt that we’d be so disappointed,at our purchase,as the last few years,passed by.When we moved here,we had proper shops,that competed for customers,to buy at their shops and they had affordable,quality products.We had two big Supermarkets and a fruit and veg shop.There were a few big brand clothing stores and some of the major banks.There was a video rental shop,that later converted to a movie rental shop,that replaced the Beta and VHS cassettes,with CD’ shop.We still have enough liquor stores and beautiful old stone carved churches….

I got to know the big old double story hotel,way back… a few years,before I got to know my current husband and when I traveled by train,all the way from Pretoria,to come have a look,at the big old house,with the wooden floors and high ceilings,I wanted to buy in the country-side.Back then,we were privileged,to have a small black and white Television set,in the double hotel rooms,which were a bit more expensive.We still had room service,which you won’t dare to use today,as it’s unsafe.We could sit outside our hotel room,on the small balcony,overlooking one of the old churches,enjoying a sundowner.

The children felt a bit out of place in school,for the first semester or so,because they were used to 30-40 students,per class and sometimes two classes per grade…like in grade 4 for instance,it would be “A” and grade 4“B”Nòw,the three of my children,were part of a vèry small country school with,just a few more students,in the whole school,as they were used to,in two classes,in the city.

Our small country town,still have bazaars and fundraising days,like pancake Fridays or Hamburger Saterdays.Everybody knows everything,about everyone else and it’s vèry annoying,but in case of emergency,they all stand together and support, whoever was in need.Us neighbors still watch each other’s houses,when we go away for a few days…..but all this is changing very quickly….

I never thought twice,about mowing the lawn,or bathing in the sun,on the afternoons,hubby was at work,or trouble sleeping,when he worked nightshift.There was no danger,to wiggle your fingers in the fresh damp soil,to prepare a bed,for your flowers or veggies……

Well,the weather wasn’t what it was supposed to be at all, but since when did mother earth exactly,take us in consideration??If it was misty terrible weather yesterday, today topped that.We had some snow 4 kilometres away and even though it is finally the temperature is normal, at last and not what I like at all, it’s winter and the chances for snow in our immediate neighborhood,is getting better,by the hour.Can’t wait,to do something,we were never able to do before,due to the low level of snowfall,is build a snowman,with hubby.He got the go ahead,to take some of his leave,that has accumulated by now and will be home,for the whole of June…. Sleeping a bit later…having some red wine,under the thick heavy blankets,with the room properly heated….snow piling up outside….. Wouldn’t it be nice???Then again, like always, something negative,has to spoil my daydream…..Because of this cold temperatures,we’re vulnerable to COVID-19,now more than ever before!!! I didn’t leave the house,from even before the lock down started,but should I now,take a chance to go into town,or go out to our local dam,to take some photos for Adobe Stock…..?

A photo of the JL De Bruin Dam, in Burgersdorp Eastern Cape South Africa,I took during the summer.

Instead of us embracing the new winter season,another of nature’s beautiful show-off’s,we have to still live in confinement,not going out of the house,not able to visit the children and grandchildren,not able to enjoy hubby’s hard earned and long past due leave….and won’t be able to go out to take photos,to show nature’s beautiful change of seasons……once more nature comes last, to the destructive human race….

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