It’s been just over 2 years, since my near death experience,in the medical ICU,of St.Dominic’s Private Hospital.The end of February marked my two years out of ICU. My birthday,on 17 June two year ago,my four siblings and children surprised me,with a first time ever family reunion,with 3 of my 4 children and their lovies,5 of my (then 6)grandchildren and all four our siblings, together, for the first time in many years.

The top:the 4 Bothma siblings

Middle:Mom,Dad,3 of the 4 children and some of the grandkids.
Below:Eldest brother,died on 7 January of this year

It has been a long stretch,to recover to where I am today.A lot of tears, pain,patience,love,care, determination,willpower and perseverance.My youngest daughter was the only one,close enough to hospital,to to help take care,of my outside needs.My husband,was nearly 300 kilometre away at home,taking care of of our two boy dogs and his work responsibilities.

Not that I love my other three children less,but you can understand,that I am a lot closer to her.She was the only one,who could help me,to shower and when I needed to use the bathroom.I was on a special diet and had to restrict my fluid intake,due to my severe water retention.When I was discharged from hospital,it was a uncontested case, that I would recover at their home.She is the mother to my eldest grandson and it’s only logical,that he is ouma’s little boy.

I am glad to tell you,that I feel much better,than I felt in years.Slowly but surely,I gained more strength,every day.So much so,that I came 1st,twice,in the English(I am Afrikaans speaking)word cross puzzle,”word-crossy” already and have been under the 1st 10,quite a few times.I am knitting and doing some crochet,which I also couldn’t do,due to the lack of hand-eye coordination.I am baking up a storm,in this house and cooking the foods,I did so long ago.

I got my laptop….a dream I never ever thought, would be possible,as I don’t have any computer skills and never had any training whatsoever.And hubby had no objections to a printer,as we spend a lot of money on copies and faxes…..never mind my knowledge of how to work it.I never was comfortable,with modern technology,at all… Let me tell you,I am enjoying every moment, of this new found exploration.

One other the thing I really enjoy,is that I started baking for the grandchildren,of the mothers that can’t/don’t want to bake,like my eldest son’s new young wife and my youngest daughter,that would rather be at the office,instead of in front of the stove,or peeping in the oven……

So I decided to make some extra sweet snacks and just to be different,I baked a big cookie,from cookie dough and cut it into uneven “puzzle” pieces.I just told them that it was a puzzle and they have to send me a picture,when they finished building it.What a laugh all of us had!They were so impressed with the creation,that represented a “crablike” thing.
All of us laughed,like we did long before the Pandemic,as it was a injured in action” heart-shaped “cookie”

*Interesting was,that it was my eldest brother’s first ever flight, when they surprised me,on my birthday and it was my first ever flight,when I surprised him,on his 60th birthday,in October 2018

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