Yes people and so,mothers day krept upon us,once again.Luckely,skipped the annual ritual again thìs year,like the last 12 years already,as the last baby(turning 30 in December)left the nest back then.Most modern families,decided to only have one or two kids, because it’s an expensive ” hobby” to properly raise children.Now imagine me, raising 4 little rascals,first two boys and then two girls ànd a step-dad,being jùst as mischievous!
My first proper mothersday celebration,was really a very big surprise to me.All the children were still school-going,thus at home and Dad and them,planned the whole to-do.

This specific morning,as I woke up,hubby got up and went to the kitchen,to make our usual morning coffee,with rusks.I dozed off and a short while after,I woke up and smelled food….toast and tomato and bacon…..we never ate breakfast that early and definitely not bacon, without planning it as part of a meal,like quiches.Mothersday was far away from my mind,as it never bothered me.

I turned over and was just about to get up,when the whole army, came through the bedroom door.Each had something to give.One gave a card,with messages,from each family member,that immediately brought tears to my eyes.Another carried the tray,with the breakfast beautifully displayed and then the menu was explained.Who made what….
All eyes on me,faces clearly waiting in anticipation.I wondered where to start,not because of the choice of veriety,but by the condition the food was in!!!The toast were burned and they tried to save it,by scraping off the burned parts.The egg“whites”was a better shade of black and the yolk of fòur eggs,raw and running everywhere,on the plate.The bacon looked delicious,but oh boy,I couldn’t cut into it and the pieces I tried to cut,popped all over the plate,some even on the floor.I put on my brave face and took a piece with my hand and I swear my tooth,still giving trouble today,is an after effect,of that bacon I tried to eat.The tomatoes were cut thickly and was scorched on the outside, but still cold(from the fridge)on the inside.I swallowed my fuzzyness and ate a slice.

Luckely,they were so busy,with the handing out,of their homemade gifts…..unknown “modern abstractive”artwork.They didn’t forget the coffee,of course not Dad’s handywork today,but they were so proud on their effort,so I hàd (hesitantly)put my lips to the cup and take a sip of the nearly see-through liquid,that made me think of sewerage water.I looked at hubby and saw how was trying his best,to keep from bursting out laughing.I begged with my eyes,trying to not let the children see,how I’m trying to get out of the situation….Well,at last I told them,that I want to sleep a bit longer and they can put my food in the the microwave,for me to eat, when I wake up.Finally they left…

Then hubby start showing interest,in cooking.He was a perfect“student”and today,he’s the one,that do most of he cooking,in our household…it wasn’t all moonshine and roses,as I was a victim,to hìs cooking experimenting too….

When he was still courting me,we would regularly visit his parents,only a few blocks away from where I stayed and sometimes we’d have so much fun,that we visited until the early morning hours.My mother in law loved it,as it meant we’ll be sleeping over.At first,she’d wake us with breakfast in bed,but I’d comlain about it,because I don’t believe,parents should be serving their children in bed…rather the other way around.One morning while I was still asleep,he slipped of to the kitchen and woke me with breakfast,he prepared himself…..I can still see the plate of food in front of me,on the tray….It was a BIG plate,with a piece of sausage and eggs,covered in tomato sauce(Ketchup)and Worchestershire sauce…which I didn’t like at all…stil don’t!I held my pose,sat up strait in bed and place the plate on my lap….I never was a keen sausage eater,but I put on my best smile,took the knife and fork and tried to cut the sausage,which nearly slipped of the plate,onto the blanket….It was sort of burned…not “carmalized”….BURNED,to a better shade of black!Of course I didn’t make  fuzz…I just moved over to the eggs….whites,now black and yolkes not running,but still RAW.I have to mention,that we had quite a few drinks,the previous night…..You can only imagine,the throughts going through my head,the churning of my stomach…..

I can totally understand where his cooking skills came from,as we had to re-cook our take-aways,from previus night’s braais(BBQ)after his father was behind the tongs,turning the meat….the old man just loved his chicken!!Not a pluspoint for me,I must add,as the chicken wouldn’t even be totally defrosted,the following morning!Usually the chicken had a beautiful,darkbrown color,we packed it in,to eat the following day….I’d put it in the fridge and as it thawed,the icy and bloody water,would cover the bottom of the bowl….the chicken was still RAW and I had to cook it all over again!This was the main reason,behind us,”doing”take aways,instead of eating with the rest of the family.

Yes,hubby came a long way,since then…Most of the times,I feel as if  I will never be able,to cook the same delicious food,I used to….He can cook up a mean storm and won’t stay behind,when it comes to cooking,or canning.He still likes his meats very rear….actually,so raw that if you give a steer back his tail and horns,he’d get up and go!!

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