As a child in grade one,I never would have imagined,that something like this,would ever happen to me,but it did….I wasn’t really shy as a child…more scared and unsecured,but not shy.

The year before I was enrolled in grade one,my eldest brother,then in grade 5 had the honors,to take me to school,as all children with siblings,going to school,the next year,has to bring them to introduce us to our new life,I’m the big school.He wasn’t very keen on doing it,because he was the only popular boy,with a sibling,going to school the following year.The 3 or 4 others,were from real “geeky” families.I couldn’t ask him anything,at school and the whole day,was pure agony for him.Luckely,there were a few girls,who secretly liked my brother,quite a lot and they gave me some attention.Come to think of it,he never walked with me, to school,or back home….

I couldn’t care less,about what was going on in the class,as I was scetching away,not paying any attention,to the teacher…… I liked the smell,of freshly sharpened pencils and erasers and there was a musty kind of odour,an indication of old books,hanging in the air,in each and every class.Thinking back on it now,I relive that smell,as if it was yesterday….

I couldn’t wait,for the December school holidays,to end.What a big surprise and revelation awaited me!!!

I already wrote about the Primary school I attended, from grade 1 to grade 6,so I won’t go in too deep,into that part.When I arrived at school,a senior scholar took me to my class and there were a few others already.We weren’t allowed to talk and as we joined,we were devided in two rows,to form a boys and girls row,from the shortest scholar in front and the tallest,right at the back.I didn’t like it,but because I was 3rd last tallest,it felt as if it took me longer,to reach the places we needed to be,because of this position.

We never spoke English at home,like so many of my new classmates did,so I was behind on the basic word and two of the 1st English words,I will never forget,were window and windowsill.My family didn’t bother,to at least teach me the basic colors and shapes.I couldn’t write my name and I could thank my lucky stars for my nickname,as I have 3 family names,with 9,10 and 7 letters!!

I had a thick strait hair,hanging on my hips.My hair was combed out each morning and tied with an elastic band.Back then, they didn’t cater for long hair and hair brushes,or conditioner,to detangle hair.It was agony,each morning,as my mother, took the black comb,with a single row of plastic teeth and pulling it through my hair.If I cried,I got a hiding, but I just couldn’t help it….it was painful.My hair was not cut,until my eldest sister and I did it secretly,one afternoon after school,when I was in grade 10.I got the hiding of my life,but I had freedom from the painful episodes,each morning,since I could remember.

Back to grade one…My hair was always tied back, in the same way,in a ponytail, with no fringe allowed.This morning in class,I got to sit in the front row,on the carpet,as that was the part of the class,we learned about music…I was so into the teacher, playing the piano….the 1st time ever in my life,I saw a piano,heard ànd sàw it being played.I loved it.I stared at the teacher’s hands,gliding over the keys and the sound of her voice,was out of this world..

I wanted to become her…a beautiful lady,with a high teased up beehive bun,not a hair out of it’s place…never!!She wore shirt dresses,as the mini dress and skirt,was high fashion,back then.She had long slender legs,well formed,because she couched the Netball team, after school.She never raised her voice and it seemed,like she couldn’t ever lose her temper.

I was so into the whole scene and in my own world,for that moment,but was brought back to reality,with a sharp pain,when she talked to me and because I was day dreaming,I didn’t react….the most beautiful boy in the class,sat right behind me.An English speaking boy,with blonde hair and the bluest blue eyes,which I didn’t know was blue,at that stage,as I didn’t know colors.When I didn’t react to the teacher,he pulled my ponytail with so much force,that my head actually turned sideways.I swung around and the most embarrassing thing, I could ever imagine, at that age, happened….something I got teased for,for a long, long time afterwards… second,just one second of not paying attention….

I lost control and….I let out a quick,but hard and smelly wind…..

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