My next story,has got nothing to do the time,we have on our hands,due to the Corona Virus…!!Whenever I have the energy and guts,to tackle a new project,I start making notes….jùst to make sure, that hubby and I get as much as we possibly can, in one day.It can sometimes….nò,it happens more often than not,that my list stretches over more,than the time available…..

I’ve been playing around, with my list,since hubby’s last 4 days,of being off duty.So,during the last of days,he wasn’t shy,with his painful “nothing-can-relieve-pain-in-the”back and we created a nice “workstation” where I can sit in peace and do my blogs and work on my laptop.It started out with his old workbench,not being used,in the shed.He took off a few centimeters from the table’s legs,as he had it a lot taller,for his comfort and he is much taller than me.Then I started one of the things,I love to do:painting.It was a quick dry paint,so it didn’t take too long….

But…then I had no space,to put my files and stationary,so out with the table/desk and he welded an extra rack,on the iron structure of the table.Again I was painting away.The table,was turned in a way,that I can just look up at the TV,if I wanted to follow a program inbetween and I could see hubby and have a chat with him,too.Then,one of our swivel bar chairs,was modefied and covered,to become a “secretary’s chair” in the mean time….because of the Covert-19 virus,a lot of my projects,can not be completed,until the hardware shops are opened to the public….to buy me a chair,was anòther “have to wait”

My new laptop was short-lived,as I did not receive the whole package,as advertised and after hours on the phone,to about all departments of the company,I decided to cancel and rather wait a bit,to renew my contract,to the get the package I wanted,right from the start.This meaning….I’m back on my mobile,until I receive my new laptop.

So,back to my notes and lists.The next one,was to break out the old white tiles and re-tile,as well as the tiles,above the kitchen sink and replace it,with a beautiful backsplash.It has to dry for 24 hours,before we can grout. It’s kìlling me,as I can’t wait,to finish something,once I started.I also changed grocery cubboards,which took some time.

My lists are neverending and I keep them alive,by adding a “new fix” when I cross one out….Hopefully,tomorrow hubby’s joints and muscles won’t feel like mine,already feel tonight.

Still lots to do,but looks better.

Well,unfortuanitely for him,I don’t easily budge and if he’s not really into heavy duty “fixit-upper”I have more than enough,light duty tasks and stuff,from my already planned projects,which we can begin with,in the mean time….I already made a plan to convince him,as we can sit in front of the Television,with him watching his favorite programs….he won’t even notice,the work he’ll put into it.

I found some great ideas,for cement projects on Pinterest,quite a while ago and molded,some cement candle holders,where I used all of the same brand,of empty plastic colddrink(soda)bottles.It’s not professional or fancy, but I enjoyed making them and the painting part,is absolutely therapeutic to me.

As I’m chopping and changing adding and crossing out,hubby isn’t saying a word….Come tomorrow,my current list will be shorter than today,but that won’t last long,as I like for hubby to take notes,of some of the “mandatory” tasks….

I wasn’t in the mood,for extra hard work and decided,to spare both of us today…..he prepared dinner and I baked a cake and I would like to share it with you.It’s a Swiss roll recipe,I got from Pinterest and decided,to “modify” it and baked 2 cakes,instead of a roll,with strawberry jam and coconut filling.I didn’t put any frosting and didn’t decorate it and it’s nothing fancy,as it was just a quick treat….it didn’t last long at all,though!!Symply delicious and I gladly share the recipe with you.

Pre-heat oven,to 180°C and spray your 2 pans.


  • 150gr.Selfraing flour
  • 150gr.Castor sugar
  • 6 L.eggs(seperated)
  • 1 cup milk pinch of salt
  • 1cup desiccated coconut(opt)
  • 1tsp essence(I used orange)

Method:Sift flour and salt.Add coconut.Beat egg whites until stiff.Mix egg yolks,add essence and then milk.Mix with dry ingredients.Fold in the whites and split evenly in the 2 pans.Bake for 10-15 minutes.Check from around 5 minutes.Hope you try it and enjoy it.

After 24 years of marriage,hubby knows,I won’t give up on something,before I tried it a few times,to make absolutely sure,it RÈALLY won’t work.

Today,as I asked him to quickly take a note He was like”take note,you say….?

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