Today,my post is solely based,on something that’s been bothering me,for quite a while now,but more so,during this lock down period…

I know I’m going to step on a lot of toes,but I have to get it of my chest.There are millions of people over the world,that can very quickly tell you,that they’re Christians.If given just a little bit of rope,you’ll open a hi-way,of Biblical stories and miracles.Examples of families,men,women…… some who got punished,for something they did and others who were told to do so….a highway of Biblical information,to be preached to you.Some are so into their Christianity,that they’ll get into a tiff with you,should you have a question or opinion,about something they told you.They’ll go through great lengths,to try and convince you and try to convert you,to their beliefs and way of thinking.If they can’t answer a question,they’ll recall verses from the Bible,for yòù to check the facts.

Then we also have those,who easily and without blinking…those who just beam,when they talk about the writings,of the Bible and the miracles God was and still is performing.They also won’t wait,to try and convert you,to their way of thinking,even if you told them your religion.If you are from any other religion,not Christianity itself,you’re doomed.Not even another country’s way,of thinking the same,but have another name for God,will be excepted.If you say you’re a Christian,you are still not Christian enough.You’d still be preached to….so as if,thìs person is some sort of a Preacher,Pastor,Priest…..

Now,to come to the part that brought this post to live….ALL Christians,be it show off Christians,that never misses a church sermon,or the weekly Bible Study,for the only purpose is to be seen,or the real,”faithful to God” Christians,they will immediately,call in all verses of the Bible,should you say something,that might threaten their way of understanding religion.Their preaching contradict them, themselves and they expect non believers,to accept their explanations…
Regarding God:He’s a GOOD God,FAIR,LOVING, CARING….HIS children are SAVE and will end up in Heaven.
He is Good,of course He is….now give me a true and real answer,not“because the Bible tells me so”…why are children,from really small babies,being brutally abused and raped and then,after hours of pain and agony,succumb due to their injuries….suffering and dying of cancer,car accidents,illnesses??One of the earliest lessons,in Bible Study Class,was that of a king,who murdered all baby boys, to get to Moses….why did God allow the brutal killing, if thousands of innocent lives,to save one… that, man who had to travel the desert,for 40 years,suffering.How about Noah and his family?Was his WHOLE family saints? Not a sinner amongst them?Aren’t children supposed to be innocent souls…why are they suffering in pain,for sometimes days at end, before they eventually die?Why are pure Christians falling ill and suffer from untreatable illnesses,whilst they already only live for God?Why punish them, because they trust and believe the Word of God?Why are there so many hungry people and so many less fortunate people?Even though so many never give up hope and keep praying,they still die,with that dream,of one day….?Airplanes,that fall from the sky and kill all passangers….?Surely they weren’t all sinners…?AIDS …why do innocent, Christian people get it,after maybe being raped,or infected by their unfaithful spouses?
The poor animals…they can’t talk and what they know,is what we taught them…why are dogs,bred for vicious fight clubs,to die a blood chilling death,or why are they being neclected and abused,go hungry….When one part of the world goes through a drought-stricken period, everybody pray for rain and then,sometimes,floods will follow….then all have to pray,for mercy and visa versa.PRAY for the hungry….if God decided they should go hungry,why do we interfere?
PRAY for rain,or less rain…surely it’s God’s plan…dare we intervene?
PRAY for terminal ill patient,dying patients…it’s the road,for everybody, already decided,before their existence?
PRAY for war to stop and pray for those people,from war stricken countries,under whom I have to mention, a lot of them are Christians…Wars were faught in Biblical times and God Told many a king against whom,he has to go into war with,more than once.If God thought good of it,why should we interfere in His ways?
Now we get to the new “we have to pray and ask for mercy”period:
PRAY,for God to show mercy….if we pray God will let one of His miracles happen.

To be honest,I’m a believer of Prayer and God and Miracles…. I am living,walking proof of it….But how do I explain the contradictions,between the Old and New testaments, where for example,one says“an eye for an eye”and the other one say “turn the other cheek” A question about mý Christianity,is the part where Jesus was conceived…..Mary was visited by a Spirit and fell pregnant….not by Joseph.This meant,she had an extramarital affair,even for just that moment.Does it mean,that Jesus was conceived in sin,like thousands of human babies around the world?What about Joseph….?
I tried to get the answer from quite a few True to God only Christians and they can’t agree on what the Bible says about these questions and some explanations are way far fetched!!!

But I also wonder,why bad things happen,to innocent life,to force others to pray…why should that innocent baby….that poor old lady,a DEVOTED CHRISTIAN her whole life, die that awful death…?Why are they,the innocence,dying of the Corona virus too…?
GOD is MÝ LOVING,CARING FATHER…..HE won’t let ànybody,or ànything hurt me….
who is the jealous God and Father,who doesn’t care who dies,as long as it’s when He wants His Wrath,to be known….?

PLEASE don’t tell me,that God is punishing everybody,to force the Christians,already on their knees,to PRAY.

Mý God is Good,Loving and Caring and I’ll ask Hìm tonight,to keep His watchful eye and protective Hands, over the heads,of those of us,He decided,long before birth,will wake up in all the tomorrow’s,He meant for us,to still have…..
Yes let us ASK,but not only when we need God….TALK to Him,He is the Father of all,including Father to our fathers.
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