I’m really not in the mood,for all this Covert 19 information anymore,but I have no choice…..It’s all over all the news channels,on about all the adverts in between and on everybody’s lips.

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It’s sad,but true and nothing anybody does,will change anything at this stage.Yes,we’re wearing protective gear,but in South Africa,we’re so far behind the rest of the world,that it’s actually scary.We don’t have an adequate Healthcare system in place…..not specifically because of covert…it’s been like that,for years already.Then we don’t have enough resources and money,to fight this Virus properly.Our government extended our 3 week lock down,with a further two weeks.
MY eldest son,youngest daughter and her husband,all started new jobs,at the beginning of the year.We aren’t prepared for it,as we we’re assured,that we needn’t stock up,as everything was under control.It would only last 3 weeks.In the mean time,people are roaming the streets without protection,mostly only because of ignorance,but also because,they’re under the poorest of poor and doesn’t even have enough money,for proper daily living.

Except for that,we we’re assured by Government,that it will be over and done with,within the 3 weeks and discouraged us,to stock up,on the so called non essential services,like hardware,alcohol and cigarettes.We couldn’t and still can’t even buy clothes and the poor,who only have paraffin,as means to cook,couldn’t buy paraffin and we couldn’t buy gas for our gas stoves, until yesterday,only.Those of us who couldn’t really afford the extra spending,at that time of the month,did buy enough alcohol and the smokers,cigarettes.We didn’t expect to be rationed,a further two weeks,just because the minister of police,had the authority,to ban the sale of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages…’s a joke,because we can ‘t even buy NON ALCOHOLIC beverages!!!IN THE LOCAL GROCERY STORES!!I’ve been without a kitchen light,since the 3rd day,into the lock down,as we’re not allowed to buy at the hardware stores….not even gas for our gas stoves and the poor,solely dependent on paraffin,for preparing food,can’t buy any.

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The worst part now,is that the criminals are raiding liquor stores and large groups raid the depots!!Never mind the big losses,to the small business owners,like in our small rural town.

Just because the police minister,who has got nothing to do,with àny Health related issues,finds this unnecessary and is withholding all of our social necessities like alcohol,without being socially active,with people outside their houses.Well I knòw,nobody can go anywhere,but to unnecessarily ration us as well?We don’t have an adequate police service,especially in our rural towns,where there are sometimes,only up to 2 patrol vehicles available AND most of the time,only 2 officers on duty. We also don’t have a big enough and well trained Military presence,to handle these situations.The police have no idea,whom to arrest and they’re unnecessarily and brutally manhandle,innocent people….be it females and arrest people in their yards,not having contact with anybody else!Then some reason,known to them only,the vandals are burning down schools,left,right and center.This is going to have very bad repercussions,when the children have to return to school.

We know,it’s for our own safety and for our own good and the good of everybody else,to stay in isolation and we except it,but to withhold things,that can in fact make the confinement,more bearable,will only amount to more criminal activities and other irregularities.

I know,ALL of us all over the world,are in this together and we have to endure discomfort,for the sake of our survival,but why should people like me,with an incurable terminal illness,like Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension,uncertain of how long I still have to live,be punished with something small like this?People around the world,don’t realize,just HOW bad we have it,in SA.

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My prayers go out,to all of you,reading this and to those,not even part of social media.

Yes,COVERT-19,is surely BIG Bruce Springsteen sings(we’re)”tougher than the rest”.BUT……please take note….all of us have a GREATER Power and to me ….GOD IS BIGGER THAN THE REST

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