If it’s the first time,you’re reading one of my post,I urge you,to see my previous posts,“SCARY WITCHY WEEKENDS” 1,2,3,to get the whole story,to understand where I’m going with,in thìs part of the story….

Well I was lying next to my baby brother,on the far side,of his crib,so mother wouldn’t know I’m there….The fire was still burning,in the corner of the room,in the lefthand side,of the old wardrobe.

I mentioned previously,that my eldest brother,5 years my senior,wasn’t anywhere near,when all of this happened and later years,he still couldn’t recall the agony my little brother and I had to go through, either….just to think,my younger brother grew up,from a baby,in this spooky circumstances and he still remember it today….

It was the weekend routine and on Saturday nights,I was extremely anxious,as I knew my father and mother will be drinking and fighting and after everything,they’d go to sleep and my father would snore thàt eardeafening,hard snore…. thàt snore that always wakes up,“thàt old lady” every weekend and especially every Saterday….How I missed my eldest sister,who usually played mom and caretaker to me…She lèft home,because of the alcohol and physical abuse and she left,because she could!! I couldn’t remember my eldest brother,in all of this,until one night…..

Like usual,it was Saterday night…mother and father had been drinking away….since the afternoon and they already had their vicious fight…the screaming,shouting and swearing….then fathers unearthly snoring started….

Thìs specific Saturday night,I didn’t wait,for the old lady to do her stuff in the kitchen,or for her to struggle,swearing, groaning,past my bedroom door….I tried not to make a noise,when I turned that big,cold,round door knob and opened the door jùst a little bit,little,that I could hardly see,outside my bedroom door….I slowly opened the door…only a bìt wider,jùst enough,for me slip through….I tiptoed down the dark,earie hallway,to my parents bedroom door…..I had the chills,running all over me and I could feel,I’m being watched…..I could feel that evil somewhere,lurking at me….from any of the dark places around me…

I stood at their bedroom door,jùst so,not to enter through the door,that was not fully closed….Father was still snoring away and I waited,to hear mothers deep breathing…then squeezed through the opening,very slowly,finding my way,around the big bed,with the big wooden headboard and a lower wooden foot end,as well.I have to touch it,to feel my way,in the pitch dark room, but I’m scared,at the same time,that I’ll bump against the bed and wake mother.She’ll be vèry cross with me and I don’t even want to think about the punishment,waiting for me, if I get caught out,before the morning….. I finally reached my baby brother’s crib and went around it,to the far side,as the dropped side,was pulled so tight to mother’s side of the bed,that I won’t get in from that side,without being caught out…..I stepped on the cotside…very slowly,because I don’t want the old wooden cot,with the woven chain base,to screech or make any noise.My stomach is tied in a knot,so tightly and my hand and legs are shaking….I’m clenching my teeth and trying to hold my breath,not to breathe too hard….I just make it over the side,into the cot….vèry carefully,to not wake my baby brother…I feel my way around and try,not to lie to close to him,to wake him… I’m cold and shivering….I know,the old lady is only waiting for for me,to doze off…I try to fight against the sleepiness,but the next thing….I was woken,by the familiar sight and sound,of the wardrobe,in the far corner,of the room….orange and red-red flames,leaking out of the only open wardrobe door…. I can hear the crackling,of the fire and I can feel the heat…..if I don’t lift my head,it will just go on,but if I lift my head,it will stop and everything will be back to normal,but then it will only start again,once I doze off again….I didn’t open my eyes immediately,but just peep through my eye lashes….the fire was burning high and it was red and it was hot and then I saw something… the back of the wardrobe,curled up in a small bundle,was my eldest brother….lying fast asleep…not aware of anything….the flames leaking in front of him and around him….He’s not breathing and he’s not moving and the flames are burning higher….I screamed…hard,and cried….hard and uncontrollably….Everything stopped….the fire was gone,the doors all closed and thàt EVIL presence was gone……

Of course my parents woke up and my baby brother started crying….Father was angry at mother,because I’m keeping him,from his well deserved proper night’s rest…..told her to do something about it….

Mother grabbed me and “drag-pulled” me to my room,where I got the hiding of my life….she made me get into bed,walked to the door and told me,to not come near their room again,if it wasn’t for “something serious”!!!She closed the bedroom door behind her and the next moment,she slammed their bedroom door shut……I pulled the blankets over my head and didn’t have to wait long,for my nightly guest,to jump on the foot-end of my bed…..

Of còùrse I have more true stories like these,recalling my memories, as a lonely,miserable and vèry shared little girl…..

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