By nature,I’m not really a person who likes to “munch” away.As a matter of fact,I actually have a very poor appetite.It can take me hours sometimes, to just decide,what to eat,because if I don’t really crave a specific food,I’d wait until the last minute,before I eat….which is very unhealthy,of course!!!Especially since being diagnosed with Diabetes,in September 2019…

What a big surprise it was,to me and my family, as I don’t have a sweet tooth,at àll!At that,my blood sugar levels,randomly tested by myself,as well as when I visit the GP,for my 6 months script renewel.Always within the perfect range.I was admitted to Hospital,in September and one of my complaints was,my excessive weight gain!!Blood tests revealed,that despite my Thyroid medicines,it’s still wasn’t adequate enough…The Monday,before my discharge from hospital,was the day the last results,for my blood tests came back….“Severe insulin resistance

How do you adjust your lifestyle,when you’re already following,a strict Low/no fat,Low/sugar replacement and low everything else,except Protein and Fibre?My weight still climbed and after another visit to the GP,my medication to help regulate my blood sugar,was increased….well, my weight is still climbing sky high and I’m totally up in arms…

My mandatory visit,which was supposed to include extensive tests,to my Pulmonologist,was supposed to be on the 26th of March…..on the day we started lockdown….So my appointment had to be canceled,at last minute.

As I sit at my table,busy to get my files in order,a program,First dates aired.The guy was so impressed with his companion,that he used this “catchphrase”

“Can I just say,that you remind me of a traffic ticket…”?She didn’t look very impressed and a little put off by it,as she asked “why”? His answer surprised both of us: “because you have fine written all over you!!” They looked smitten and they went out again,afterwards.They could still hang out together and mingle….It happened,before the Corona Virus took over our lives.I’m not as privileged as others,to nòw stay at home,for 21 days lock down.I’ve been at home,alrèady busy,with my usual daily go abouts.So is my husband…. As an Ambulance Technician,in the Eastern Cape EMS,he is part of,the priority essential service.Working his usual shifts and hours….same old,same old….

I’m not easily convinced,to go anywhere,but now I have to,at least once every week,to go take photos for Adobe Stock.(https://majlouw55.myportfolio.com)You can’t believe how confined and personally restricted I feel?Me,not going anywhere,ever!!My husband,is going on with his daily routine,but yet,the psychological impact,of the lock down,is present in both of us.The negativity of others,in his working environment and the negativity and impatience, of the pasients,rubs of on him and he unknownly,pours it over to me.In return,I get grumpy and short tempered and it forms the next link,to this chain.I’d be irritated,by the smallest of things and he’d easily jump on his horse,very quickly too.

So,even though I thought we were safe,from the Covert-19 virus, I may be, because I don’t socialize,but it’s still getting to me and my husband….in our minds!!!

Only One week gone and two more to go.How many couples will split up,after being confined,for 3 weeks?How many,are falling in a state of depression and will have to receive,professional treatment and then…..how many,are going to make,the already rich companies,even richer,by buying their “lose weight overnight” products,after thìs “unexpected a month ago”,free 3 week holiday.

So now,even I am struggling,to only chew on time…..

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