It is Tuesday night,the 31st of March 2020…hubby working his second and last of two night shifts….it was our wedding anniversary,yesterday…a full 24 years of struggling,heartaches and sadness…health,mentally, individually,family,friends, pets,jobs,wealth and then the lack thereof…

I can’t believe,how quick time passed us by….we’re so much older…not necessarily in age,but in experience and our bodies somehow got a knock…ànd I had to quit my reason,for getting up in the morning…my nursing career,due to illhealth.My husband is much older,long before his time…being an instand dad,to 3 nearly teenage children,a sweet little girl,of only 4 years old ànd having a mother in law,as well as 2 family children,to look after,in a matter of 2 years,isn’t the easiest life,a young man, never been married,with no children of his own,isn’t something your everyday man,is willing to do….in love or not!!!

Yes,we’ve been through so much more,in such a short time,than most other families will ever know of,in their life times.Money was tight….permanently!!The children weren’t really uncontrollable,but mischievous and it was something,we didn’t need as well,in our lives.

Then,to start of with,my mother was the best mother in law,a man could ask for,but we didn’t realize,that she was systematically falling,in the deep,dark,scary and unknown hole,of Alzheimers and Dimentia.

The good we tried and do for my brother,by taking in his two children, would come back to haunt us,still years later.

My in laws had their own unbelievable surprises!!Unexceptable to us,in South Africa back then, was “mixed race” relationships.Well my youngest and eldest brother in law’s had this love,for dark ladies.They were jailed for theft and my eldest brother in law, linvolved my father in law in it, which meant jail time for him too,as his innocence could not be proven,due to his eldest son’s determined,false evidence against him.He…a man who couldn’t hurt a fly,a man who didn’t mind to share,a loving husband and a wonderful dad,went to jail,to satisfy an insecure thief and blatant criminal’s vicious mind!!The younger brother,had the first dark child and then he died,at the hand of his black girlfriend’s,best friend’s hand,stabbed to death,with his eldest brother’s knowledge,as he was also drinking and dancing,in the shebeen,in the township….he was found not guilty and never convicted….still has no guilty concience and still living of my mother in law.Then,he had his own dark child and 5 years ago,the 2nd little girl…..beautiful little lady!

The reason,behind thìs negativity and the header “ADDICTED”? Because we’re living the dream,we had years ago.To own our òwn home,in the country…going to retire here and children out of the house…Well children are gone and house is our own, but the dream falls apart,after that.

We struggle,without enough water and we are rashioned,even during this 21 day lockdown and even after good rains.If we don’t have electricity shutdown(loadshedding)implimented by the power company and only supplier,the littlest bad weather,will surely influence the power supply.We can’t water our gardens and I haven’t been able,to make a vegetable garden(or any garden for that matter) for the last 12 years!!We have fruit trees in containers and because we’re getting really colder nights,we carried them in and put them in front of the window, like we do each year.Then the housebreakings are increasing in our(used to be safest)quiet part,on the outskirts of our rural town and animal poisoning,are on the increase and because of the Corona Virus,it’s escalating drastically.

Now,the main reason, to this miserable negative memories???!!We’re without cellphone(total internet) connection…AGAIN!!My whòle world,revolve around my mobile smartphone,as I am on my phone,for easily,the best part of 16-18 hours,per day.I am part of Qora,have a blog with WordPress,Pinterest(and re-started this week)Blogger.I’m doing online surveys and take photos for Adobe Stock,to sell online.Then I’m also a Google Local Tour Guide.….not to even mention Twitter,Facebook, Instagram,LinkedIn…..Can you feel with me??I’m writing this post,but I’ll have to save it to drafts,even though I want to publish it.All of this,boils down to man-made mistakes.Then there are still people,objecting against computerized assistants…yes,yes,yes,I was one too….

Yes people…I’m nòt spoiled and I’m nòt,only used to my mobile phone and my new found interest,in modern technology….I will admit it blatantly….I’m addicted to it!!

(Not all gloom and doom, behind the scenes.I’m happily married,to a wonderful,loving and caring husband,who does anything and everything he possibly can,for me. My children are doing well and are the best,a mother could ask for!!Their Partners are sweet and care a lot about us and wouldn’t think twice,to assist us,in anything we need.We love the 4 of them dearly.They raise my grandchildren with values and reasonable strict,but fair discipline,which make them beautiful,adorable respectful children,inside and out.)



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