So I decided,to tackle my own feelings,about the covert 19 virus,in the beginning of the pandemic,to get it over and done with….

No sigar!! Our dearest Corona,is popping up in the least expected,and may I add,unplanned for,places!!Because of the word“lock down” only,in South Africa,everything is upside down.When the Government decided to impliment it,they did so, after about 4 days of constant and continued meetings,with all that’s high and mighty….never mind is, here right at the bottom…they started lock down,they didn’t take us, the struggling working class,in consideration.The meetings for the lock down,was done in all secrecy.They took 4 days, but implimented the curfew,way before the last payday and at that,people like us,didn’t have extra funds,to fall back on…did I mention struggling

They blocked the liquor stores,to decrease domestic violence,but didn’t take TWO vèry important points in consideration:frustration, because the abuser,can’t have his alcoholic fix and the spouse/partner/children will be in direct fire.The other thing is,that the abusing alcoholic,will use his family’s money for food,to stock on his proviant,from illegal shebeens and taverns.

The sale of sigarettes,are also prohibited….never mind,the addict now being irritated and that it could also,lead to unnecessary family feuds and fights.

I find it disturbing,that our government are giving so much rope,during this lock down and that people just don’t care!!They stand so close to each other,on rows,running down two street blocks,for hours,without masks or gloves,but the shop owner only allows 10 persons,in the shop per given time.

Then please don’t look,but some of the TV news reporters,are not wearing masks or gloves,but interview left,right and center,with unproteced people,walking up and down,past them.

Latest news is,that an old man,visiting a illegal shebeen,was beaten and manhandled so roughly,that he succumb from the injuries….it was done by the South African Police Service!!!

Now I ask you,is it RÈALLY in àny person’s best interest,to put the liquor stores under lock down,as it can be monitored,like all other shops,instead of forcing people to swarm around an illegal shebeen?…..And there are a lòt believe me.What is the use,to make the buy of sugarettes,illegal only during the 21 day lock down?These two kinds of addicts(smoke and alcohol) are now forced to deal,with withdrawal and the impact of this decision,by Government,wasn’t really thought though,vèry well.These people, thousands of them,are now being forced,to work through their own personal and mental issues,this law brings about.

Just for the record :

My husband and I,don’t fall under this group of people,but:we’ve been there and we’ve done that!!And as a retired Nurse,working at a rehabilitation institution for drug and alcohol related addicts,I have even more first hand experience,of what they’re going through.For me,it seems like each minister,had to come up with something,to show their contribution to fight this virus and Minister Bheki Cele,decided to rather let the police check on the innocent people, than enforcing law,on real culprits…THOSE WALKING AND DRIVING THE STREETS UNLAWFULLY AND NOT WEARING PROTECTIVE GEAR,LIKE GLOVES AND MASKS.

So Shaggy’s song”Oh Carolina”is the perfect song to sing…..“oh oh Corona”

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