If you didn’t read my previous two blog posts(SCARY WITCHY WEEKENDS(1)+(2)) Please do yourself the favor and follow my story(TRUE LIFE’S EXPERIENCES!!)from the first one,to make sure,you get the whole effect,as I intend you to relive it with me,as a little girl….

It was on a Saturday night…again….on one of these scary,lonely weekends,when these “weird” things happened,in the house,I grew up in…..

After the old lady,caused her usual havoc,in the kitchen…..she was on her way to my parents bedroom…slowly …one foot dragging behind the other….groaning…As a little girl,I can hear the extreme pain,as she struggled forward….one foot….groan, swear…scuffling sound,as she dragged the other foot,in from behind her…..then SILENCE!!

If I don’t get up…as quietly as possible….tiptoeing on the cold floor….to the door,trying to open that big,round,cold doorknob,with my shaking little hands,barely fitting around it and then to turn it…..opening it,as quickly as possible,the whole scenario would just repeat itself…..I think,the fact that I decided to turn the knob,quickly… suddenly,was purely,to try scare the old lady enough,to hopefully dissappear!!!I only knew how to pray,a little girl’s prayer,but I tried to remember the words,to ask “Our Father in Heaven…” where ever Heaven was and who ever,the Father that you can’t see was…but listens to you….

After peeping,into the small,dark,moonlit diningroom,finding everything,as it was previously,before I went to bed,I’d turn around and look down the dark narrow hallway,to where my parent’s room is at….I’m scared to death,because I don’t know,if that old lady,is hiding around the corner,any corner….maybe behind one of the two pillars,on the sidesleading into the lounge….or maybe behind one of the chairs,rìght in the corners of the lounge,as you enter the room…..maybe she’s just waiting for me to pass, to grab me…..what if!!!!? What if she finally decided,to go into my parent’s room….she knows I’m on my way there….I couldn’t bring myself,to turn around… going back to our bedroom….what if she just wanted me to believe,she’s in my parents bedroom,just to wait for me,in our bedroom…..surely, she must’ve heard my father’s heavy snoring too…?I have to tiptoe further….luckely,my parents don’t close their door,all the way….it’s summer,extremely hot and we were too poor,to even know about a fan,back then….I try my best,to open that door….to not make a sound….I can’t breathe…I’m shivering and my hands are shaking….I know,that if either of my parents wake up,chances are good,mother will give me a hiding,for being naughty……

NOTHING!!!Father doesn’t even skip a breath,while snoring….mother doesn’t move and my little brother,is sound asleep,in his cot(crib)pulled safely, close to mother’s side of the bed….Now,I have to get into that crib,without my parents waking up,or my little brother moving….because if he moves…. jùst a bit,mother will immediately tend to him and I’ll be punished!!!

The far side of the crib,is high….it’s cotside towering over me….If I step on the side of the crib,the chain woven spring base,will surely make a high screeching noise,so I have to worm my way around,without touching my parents bed…When I wake up,it won’t be because it’s time,for anybody to get up…it won’t be,because anybody needs anything….. It will definitely not be, mbecause I need to go wee….that would mean,I’d have to struggle out of the crib….out my parents bedroom…..back to our icy cold bedroom….to use the potty,under the bed….,as we had an outside toilet….way back in the yard….it’s not the fact,that my brother wet his bed….because then he’d he’d start squirming and moaning and groaning and mother would wake up immediately…..even if she’s been,on the weekend binge drinking spree,with my father….No…. ….it’s because of something,in one of the corners,in my parents bedroom….in the lefthand side corner and right by the bedroom door,was an(not then yet,but now)expensive and rare “His & Her” “Ball – and – Clawwardrobe set…..mother’s was bigger…on the righthand side,against the wall,next to the window,right next to father’s wardrobe…..father’s wardrobe,right in the center….I woke up,from the crackling sound,wood burning….now knowing back then,that it’s exactly,what wet burning wood sounds like…..I had to force myself,to look at that scorching flames,just about to devour,the inside of the wardrobe at first and then,it would spread to the rest,of this squeaky old house….I knew,that as long as I keep my head buried, forcing myself not to look look,this fire will keep burning and cracking away…..what,if the old lady decides,to let that fire burn…?Everybody would die…..I know about death, because I’ve been introduced to it,during this time…..(please see my previous posts,to get up to date with it….you won’t be sorry…maybe,you can associate with me,or you know someone,who could..?) I know by now,that this old lady wants me,to see these things and if I don’t pay attention,she’d get extremely mad….very,vèry angry,at me…..I saw the flames,leaking around the wood and then the doors of mother’s wardrobe would flung open….flames inside burning away…..radiant orange and the reddish red….the old lady mumpling something and I know,it’s not something good,but like with the swearing,I knew what I heard,was evil,but just can’t recall the words……

The first time…. or two,this happened,I woke mother,but then the fire would suddenly be gone….the wardrobe doors closed shut and father’s snoring would be the only sound,disturbing the silence of the night…..Mother would be vèry angry at me and would take me back to my room,at first,but after the second time,this happened a few weekends later,she was fed up,gave me a hiding and put me back,in my own bed….I was terrified…I could feel the old lady watching me…..I could feel her,waiting vèry impatiently,for me,to go to sleep,so the jumping,on the bottom end of my bed,could start…….

Sorry friends…. Not the end yet… glad,because I’m sharing some personal information and feelings and memories and emotions,that most of my family members,will never know,if they don’t read this…. Be glad,because I have so much more,to share with you….If you liked àny of my stories,PLEASE share it with your friends and family and on social media.Please remember to like it on my site too….

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