Everywhere I look,every headline in the newspapers,on every news channel,in every shop….and tonight,on 23/03/2020,South Africa stands on 402 people,positively identified, with the Corona virus…


I’m not naive and I completely understand the impact,this murderer of innocent lives,has on the human race,aròùnd the Globe.I knòw,that nobody is safe and I know,there’s nowhere to hide from it ….I knòw,that èven if you take all precautionary measures,you can still get infected….

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An interesting thing happened and I find it extremely odd and wonder,if it really is coincidencial,that a deadly desease,like the Corona Virus,would emerge just a few days,after I posted about “the end of the world/the end of days” and explained,why I can’t sit around and wait any longer….that I waited,for the best part of 55 years,for the world to come to an end,as I was preached to,way back then…. So I knòw,this Virus isn’t a prank,or an April fool’s joke… YES,there is a big possibility,that I could get it and die.Still,why on earth,should I nòw,begin to believe,that thìs is the “beginning,of the end of time” the so called “Prophets of Doom” were preaching about?I also knòw about the prophesies of “known” and “respected” prophets,like Nostradamus and in South Africa,we had a Prophet called “Siener van Rensburg” roughly translated,this man could see(the future)The things he “predicted” was something you’d find true,if you RÈALLY wanted to find sòme tragedy,in any of his so called predictions.I don’t say they don’t exist,or that their predictions are not true,but seriously!!!!To need a “scientist” to analyze their predictions….?YES,the Bible tells about,the shortage of food and clean water and people who will kill,for it….but the Scientists are at one,in their findings,that a LÓT of people will die,due to this monster Virus,but definitely not nearly,that much of the whole population,will be effected by it…. And surely God,won’t let His “people” die….?Christians,who believe in Him and love Him…?Maybe the innocent children,who are already suffering,are not as innocent and now they’re being punished…?So were the other’s,that died in car accidents and of other dread deseases.…?It must be,because the God I know and love,won’t hurt me and will protect me and other people I know,are devoted Christians…..I knòw my chances are good,to get it and is due,as I already have a terminal lung-heart dedease,called Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension,I’m alrèady past my 3rd year after my late diagnosis ànd I’m older than 55,as well as my husband,working as an Medical Emergency Technician.Now,I still have to wonder,if it’s really necessary,to sit back in fear,of the monster killer,or live my life(safe,with precaution in place,of course!!)and then still maybe die,as the odds are against me,or do I live my life and try to live,past my own battle,I’m fighting inside??Am I insensitive,by not wanting to be part,of the money making sircus,the media worldwide,is turning it in to??Or am I not alone,in feeling enough is enough??We know àll there is to know…How many more,get infected daily,won’t affect my safety,because I’m following the strict guidelines,to the “T” By watching TV,and see other countries,struggling to cope in their hospitals and the fatality/mortality rate climbing,as I’m writing this, won’t do me any more good….The fact is,that the less I know,the better for me…mentally.Also a part of our lives,that NEEDS to be strong,to be able to fend off,all the illnesses and Viruses,bombarding my body,on a daily basis,is to be Mentally strong…..YES,the Bible do tell about punishment,for our sins, but the Bible also promises that the plagues and floodings,to wipe out the human race,won’t ever happen again…..

I’m caught between two rèàlly sizzling hot fires….I stop living,to be safe from the Corona and die of my terminal illness,before they find a cure,vaccine against the Virus,or dies out “Or do I live and thèn die,from the Virus,long before my desease’s due date??Either way……

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