Those of you,who didn’t read my post yesterday,let me quickly update you…It’s all about “weird”things,that happened in our house,when I was still small.My mother and youngest brother,would bring the closure we all needed,years later and totally unexpected.Please do yourself the favor and read the post,to get the whole effect,of how I intend this story to read…

It was one,of my sister’s Saturdays away and my parent were drinking and fighting heavily,like they usual did,over weekends….come to think of it…for some reason,or the other,I can’t recall my older brother’s wareabouts,at àll,during this time….

It was very late at night and usually I’d wake up,with somebody “jumping” at the bottom end of my bed.I always pulled the blankets,completely over my head and hold it tight….my heart would pound in my ears and I felt helpless.I knew that as long as I didn’t look,the “jumping” will continue.But I always were too scared,to look.I knew,that whatever was jumping,at the bottom end of my bed,was EVIL…I was scared to death and it took a lot of courage,to just peep over the edge of the blanket…I didn’t want to, but I had to,to make it STOP!!The moment my eyes peeped out,from under the blanket,the jumping stop immediately.There was not a crease,or any other indication of a visitor,even sitting on the bed.I could never bring myself,to turn my back away from the wall and sometimes,the righthand side of my body,would start to have a burning sensation,because I didn’t turn around…but I just couldn’t……Everything was calmed down now,except for my father’s excessive snoring and I’d doze off,just be be waken,by the nightly guests….

It would also jùst be about time,for the next part,of the nightly performances…The one kitchen cupboard door,would open slowly and then the glass slides,would be forced open,slowly…on the dusty rails….

The next moment,an old lady would start to swear and shout and the crockery would hit the floor…I could hear it break into millions of pieces,while the old lady, with the scary raspy voice,was cursing away,with me not understanding,a word she’s saying….then she’d walk past my bedroom door…mumpling… slowly,very slowly,as I could hear her one leg dragging…she’s struggling,to put one foot in front of the other and she groans,I could hear her pain….she’s on her way,to my parents room…and then it STOPPED….everything so quite,so scaringly quite…I would get out of bed…try my best,to not let the woven chain base,of my bed,make the usual noises….When I reached the door,I would turn the icy cold metal knob,as quickly as I can….I’d peep,jùst around the corner,to the right,in the direction of my parent’s room….nothing..then I’d tiptoe,over the vinyl on the floors,unnaturally cold under my bare feet,jùst a few feet,from my bedroom door,to the door,leading into the small dark dining room,with just the beams of the moon,slightly casting some light,over the room ….I could jùst see,through the glass panel,in the top half of the door….NOTHING… Everything was clean and no glass chards anywhere….cupboard doors closed,like always…

At first,years ago,I believed myself,thinking that it was my parents,fighting once more and maybe mother got so angry,that she decided to break,all that valuable crockery,as a punishment to my father,for abusing her….For years I believed my thoughts,seeing my mother, in my little mind,struggling to get to their room,after she got hurt,during their sometimes vicious fights….

Then my brother got some courage and told me,how scared he was,of the old lady,always swearing,breaking the dishes and struggling to walk….leapfoot…first the one and groan,then the other.He got it a bit worse….as she would only dissappear,once she reached his crib,supposedly “safely pulled close” to my intoxicated mother’s side,of the bed….

We were adults already and I had children of my own,when my mother decided to come clean,regarding the witchcraft,that went on in our lives,in that spooky corner house,we lived in… where my friends never came for a sleep over and my niece,would rather have me visit,at their house….

INTERESTING FACT: This occurrence happened, over a period of about 3 years,as far as I can remember….but I still sleep on my righthand side….until my shoulder… my hip….my ancle,my body,have a burning sensation……even though,my back isn’t against the wall….

Not yet the end,of this story my friends.The rest of this to follow….keep reading….maybe tomorrow..?

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