I grew up in a very difficult time,when things were more complicated,in some ways…meaning…that “weird” things,that were sometimes seen as normal.

I was very small,about 7 or 8 years old,when the 1st of a few unbelievable “happenings”started in my life.Just so you know,my youngest brother,could remember thìs òne part, without any encouragement or a hint.When it came up in a conversation,as adults years later,he talked about it and I admitted,that I knew about it.

My brother slept in his cot(crib)always pulled up,to my mother’s side of the bed,until he was around five years old.I would wake up at night and tiptoed,rarely breathing,up to my brothers cot and climb over the cotside,on the side,away from my mother’s bed.Then I’d worm myself in,next to him, without disturbing him,or my parents.It was vèry bad to sleep alone,in our bedroom,when my sister wasn’t around,like go visiting our niece,over weekends.It was as if,èverything that could go wrong,would happen then…

My mother put her old Singer sewing machine,in front of our bedroom window,as it was the best lit place in the house,light and calm enough,to do her sowing.For those who can remember it…it had a large step,that you had to peddle,to let the needle move and the faster you paddle,the quicker you could sow.It could fold back and we used the cover,to do our school homework.

It was a late winters afternoon,dusk already and while mother and the neighbor,sat at the kitchen table,having tea,I sat in front of the closed window,curtains drawn and totally lost in the subject,I was about to write exams on,the following day.The next moment the curtains blew over me and a strong wind blew in my face.The force and surprise,had me fell over backwards and I landed,flat on my back.It was the quickest,I ever got up and I ran to my mother.She and the aunt(neighbor)met me in the doorway,as the noise had them run towards me.I told them what had happened,but mother looked….the window was closed and the curtains didn’t move…nobody or nothing in sight!!!

The next incident,happened during a school holiday,when my sister worked as a cashier,after school,over weekends and during school holidays.She told my mother the previous day already,that she’s working a double shift the following afternoon and after cashing up,she’ll be home a bit later,that night.It was mother,the “aunt” from across the street and me, sitting at the kitchen table,jùst out of sight of the front door.We heard the front door “screeched” open,our bedroom door opened and my sister’s transistor radio,was switched on,as it was the first things,she always did, when she came home,from work.We waited and at some stage mother called her,but there was no reply.Mother and the aunt got up and walked to the room.The radio was playing and mother called out again,but my sister didn’t answer.My mother opened the door and the radio stopped immediately.Even though her “scent” (Parfume,or body deodorant,nowadays)was hanging in the air,she was nowhere to be found.Jùst as we settled at the table again,my sister came in,her perfume,filling the air and like dejavu,the radio played the song,it just played,a few minutes ago…

My youngest brother was still small,when the following incident happened,but hè was the one,to bring it up,when he was an grown up man already…Maybe,the fact that my parents were permanently,under the influence over weekends,was why they didn’t believe,what we told them,or maybe it was just easier,to ignore us….less to explain….? It usually happened,on Saturday nights,when my sister went out of town,to visit out niece,after her job as (part time,school student)cashier on Saturday afternoons…

My father was a heavy,extremely loud snorer and it also scared me,as I knew that he was too fast asleep,to wake up, should any of us need him….not that we’d dare to!!!You just never bothered my parents,when they were asleep.On these Saturday nights,when I had to sleep alone in our room,I was a tensed up,nerve ball.Someone always closes the door,after I fell asleep and when I’m waken by the noises,coming from the kitchen and in the hallway,I had nowhere to go…..This was also the part my youngest brother(50)remember,as clear as it was yesterday…

The rest of this story,to follow on my blog tomorrow….remember to come back,for the rest…you dònt want to miss it….

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