In this post,I’m letting my thoughts run wild.I’m going to try something,in my mind,I know for a fact,my body would never be able to do,or would never have been able to do…long long time ago…

I love my modern technology and magafters,like most of you,I’m sure.Doing a few online surveys,made me realize,just how privileged and selfish I really am, when it comes to comfort and hassle free Living. They ask a lot of household questions… Do you own: A microwave? Of course I have one and a grand one,at that…

I can’t see myself:

Getting up,at four in the morning and starting a fire,in the coalstove and measuring the right amount,of roughly ground coffee…enough,should someone want a second round…jùst enough, because it’s expensive and I can’t afford,to waste any.Especially in the winter.Everybody’s still sound asleep,in their beds.It’s quiet and even the cocks are still asleep.

I have to start making the sandwiches,for the four schoolchildren and my husband.The water,for the hot porridge is cooking away….so I start with the sandwiches.Sandwiches with the bread,from dough I kneaded yesterday and baked in the oven,with butter I made the week before and jam,from the apricots,I canned the previous season.The porridge is the hardest part,because it takes time,to grind the corn,to a not too rough texture,with the homemade tools available to me.It’s old,as we can’t afford a more “modern” one.

We don’t know what a “geyser”is and use a water heating system called a donkey.I have to make sure the fire underneath it,is hot enough and have to make sure the fire doesn’t die down.

I struggle to get everything done,because I use candles,more than Paraffin…it’s too expensive and it takes forever to get it to the right temperature.It’s not easy to make candles and if you’re not careful,everything goes to waste.The glaze of the porcelain,on my porridge bowls,is cracking and it looks much older than it is,but it’s just too expensive and ##scares? ##,to replace.

The clock goes off…you have to remember to wind the spring,the previous night,otherwise you’ll oversleep.If you wind it too tight,it gets stuck and you have to pay someone,to fix it.If you don’t wind it enough,the spring will run down,too quick and I can promise you,that it’s very unpleasant,to wake up in a rush and try to get everything done,when you’re late.We were lucky,to find a secondhand clockwatch,with ###lumenous? ##numbers.

Everybody gets up and there is a uneasiness,as everyone want to use the toilet,all at once.They can’t stand and wait at the four, because the toilet is way back,in the backyard and it’s not the place to be,in the winter and the mosquitoes,are a nuisance,in the summer.

At exactly six in the morning,verybody gathers around the big dining room table,father read a few verses from the Bible and pray.The wireless(before the transistor radio)is screeching and going on and off,the broadcaster’s frequency.We could jùst hear the news and weather report(for what it was worth,back then)

With the family gone,of to school and work,my daily chores begin.I start on our bedroom.It’s time to change the linen,so the bed is freshly made and the tea cups,from late the previous night,are taken to the kitchen.To the children’s rooms…bedding changed.The matresses will be aired in the sun,on Saturday,before dawn.Lounge cushions out on the veranda,to get some sunlight and all floors are swept.Then I wash up and start kneading the dough,for tomorrow’s bread.That aside,I start with the dishes sweeping the floor.Now I wash it and after it’s dry,I’ll polish the floors,on my knees and then shine it properly.The plants are taken out and put in the sunlight,for an hour or two.

The washing is soaking in the bath,with water I carried in,the previous day.I’ll fefch fresh water,for the household,in just a few minutes.As we don’t have things like fabric softener,I have to rinse the washing thoroughly,then wring the water out,as dry as I possibly could and hang it out in the sun.

I go fetch the chicken,I slaughtered 2 days ago,from behind the shifts, on the back porch.It has completely ###bled?###out and now I have to pluck it’s feathers,which I keep,wash and use to fill pillowcases,for new pillows.Afterwards,I do some sowing…the holes in the socks,are filled and the tears,in some of the clothes,are closed up

I pick some tomatoes from the garden,as well as bring in some lettuce,onion and and a few potatoes.I peel it,while the stewing beef,is cooking away,in the stove,that burns most of the day.

Then I sweep the backyard, with a broom,made from the tall grass,I cut in the field behind the yard.Now it’s time to feed the animals.I start preparing the children’s lunch,as they’d arrive any moment.School uniform off and in the wash…it must be dry and ironed,before I go to bed,tonight.

It’s getting hot and both the back and front doors are wide open.It’s safe and we don’t know things like break-ins….

But then I return to today…yes,my doors are open, but I have security gates at both entrances.Also:I have two fans running,after vacuuming the carpets and doing the washing,in my 16 kilogram load capacity,automatic,with air dryer,washing machine and food from my fridge and freezer,some defrosted,in my microwave oven and is cooking away on the electric stove,as I sit in front of my pay TV,with my bed lamp switched on,busy to finish of this post,on my android mobile phone.

CAN’T even begin to IMAGINE,my life without these privileges and can not other,than have utmost respect and admiration,for the most women,from back then…how hard they had to work.I most certainly wouldn’t have made the best wife or mother,back then!!!

no air-conditioning

no heating system

no phones

no televisions

no TV games

no cinemas

no video shops

no washing machine

no polisher

no vacuum cleaner

no microwave

no steam irons

no tumble dryer

no dishwasher

no electricity

no taxi’s

No, no, no…..

Well,I really haven’t even begin,to describe the whole day,week or month,in “my life” more than two hundred years ago and I’m already tired!!I’m spoiled rotten, when it comes to comfort and I believe,that a lot of you can’t go through a winter,ever again,without you warm blanket,too.I can’t even think about the time,we lived,before Google and air-conditioners,hot water system,fridge,freezer and my beloved microwave oven.Electricity,with the press of a switch and a vacuum cleaner,to save my back,the pain,of a sweeping with a broom.No need to make sure,you have enough stamps,for your letters,but that you have enough data,for a message on your mobile phone.I have a choice,between different brands of butter and I will surely become vegan,if I have to kill and eat a chicken,especially one I raised and fed…..

Big thanks

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