People will easily tell you,that “money rules the world” and I’m sure you said it so many times before…I know I did!!

I wrote in one my previous posts,that it ISN’T money that rules the world,but time actually rules the world,but actually,it doesn’t matter what anybody say…. Doctors like to say “if we try thìs medicine/method,do thìs operation,give thìs treatment,we can buy the patient more time” which,in fact is far from the the truth,because our time is predicted,way in advance.Whatever the doctors change,doesn’t rèàlly“buy you time” it just makes sure,that you actually reach the destination,you’re supposed to be,at that specific moment in time….

Good,so money doesn’t really buy time,which makes time the ruler of the universe….. Now….hòw about,you are at the right time,at the right place,in the company,of the right person?

Everything starts out well.Both make time,to spend as much time together,as possible.You are both “head-over-heals” in love and it seems as if,there is just nòt enough time,for you to spend,in each other’s company.You’re in love and “Love conquers everything”? and “Love changes everything”? We are sò sure of it,when we are smitten with each other and this feeling includes all ages.From primary school and later on,having a crush on the substitute teacher,then on to the watching the football captain,in high-school with the utmost adoration,right through the first time your eyes met……this happens,even if it is in the retirement village….the first time you were speechless, breathless and totally in love.You couldn’t take your eyes off,of each other,too scared,that when you look again,this moment in time, will be lost….forever and you dòn’t want that….you want this moment to last you,for the rest of your lives.

Then,you become part,in the change of times….òne of you become unfaithful…maybe just fed-up,with things you didn’t mind and even found cute,in the beginning…things that didn’t bother you at first,but it just seems to accumulate,somehow!!It’s “not in the way you walk,and nòt the way you look,or what you say and even the way you say it,definitely not the way you do your hair,or the aftershave…not the eating habits,or lack of enthusiasm…not the sudden “out of town” jobs, that’s beginning to take up all spare time,the one-sided interests,in something you always hated….

You hate rare meat and al-dentè pastas,the half cooked vegetables,or to be alone…especially at night… You can’t think,you can’t eat,you can’t drink….The infidelity hit hard…relentless,unexpected,cold….You didn’t deserve it,neither did the children.Moving on,to start a new family,with a much younger partner….beautifull,or handsome,caring loving and respectful….

How you just HATE it!!You’ve been there,not so long ago,or maybe that’s what you thought… never could imagine,this unbelievable deep hurt,this deep,deep pain inside,was possible…You turn your love around,into “eye for an eye” and the children are stuck,right in the middle,of this toxic and hateful ex-mom-ex-dad relationship.It’s better to try and spoil them,on their visits,because the other parent,are surely nòt going to use,that excuse for an alimony,on the children.It means,that the less there is,the worse the other parent looks…You can’t believe the audacity…how quickly,one can fall in and out love…You hate the new partner…The hairdo walk,the talk,the way the children bond…..you hate the looks,the smile…you hate the one you love,walking down the street,laughing….hand-in-hand, with the new love…You hate your ex and you hate the new partner…

TIME and MONEY certainly,dò play play a big role,in the success of many things and relationships are built on that too,but it isn’t worth fighting for,when time is something money can’t buy….Time and money won’t save a relationship,where love makes way for hate….

“They”say,that time will heal all “wounds”“They”also say,that absence makes the heart grow fonder…so how do wounds heal,when your heart keeps missing…. So close,but yet so far… “They”should also say,that time and money can’t even save a world,when LOVE and HATE collides….

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