We tend to follow the mainstream…the moment we buy something new and we’re satisfied with,we tell ànybody just showing a hint of interest,of our experience.Exactly the same,when something happened,something went wrong,with that purchase or that dining out experience.I should know what I’m talking about… because I’m one of them!!

In this post,I’m moving away,from my usual “True life”today and just want to talk,about my struggle, to gain enough courage,to be my own(“service received”)critic…

I wasn’t like this,for most of my life.Because of my miserable upbringing,I tend to be the follower.You would be too,if my mother raised you.Another scar,left behind from those years,is that when push comes to shove,I’d rather flee than fight.I didn’t have the freedom,to express my own feelings and thoughts, about anything and whenever I tried to raise my opinion,I’d be intimidated and forced to submit,to her way of thinking and doing.I never raised my concerns,about any services and just excepted the excuses,on the rare occasions,I had the courage,to query anything…even though I knew,I was receiving the short end.As a matter of fact,I would discourage anybody,in my company at the time,to voice their concerns,about poor service delivery.

Because I was raised to except and believe what I was told to do,I’ve been rollercoastered quite a few times,in my life.This included something major,like my haircut,dye or perm(permanent curl)Maybe it was something not served,that I specifically asked for and was assured,would be available.Or something,I specifically declined and was still served.Buying clothes went the same…I’d take,what the sales lady offered me,with her false interest and false intentions.It went the same,for the biggest part,of my previous two marriages, too…believe and shut up.

Yes…happend to me too

I only started to realize,that I had the right to complain, if the service wasn’t up,to my expectations,when DSTV started to air,the FOOD NETWORK programmes.At first,it was Jamie Oliver and Rocco,but then Chopped and Gordon Ramsey were added and so were the different Masterchef Kitchens and Cake Boss,Anna Olson…At some stage,they introduced the Food Critics and when they aired the “traveling” Chefs,like(the late) Anthony Bordain,Rick Stein and Andrew Zimmerman,I was totally hooked!!(and hubby even more!) It has also broaden my knowledge,of what good food should really be like and the fact that I have a say,in what I was served,or received.I realized,that I didn’t have to like,or eat the rare steak,when I asked for medium,or that the sauce I ordered,wasn’t what I expected,according to the visuals and description,on the menu.I had a right,to receive an icy cold beer,if that’s what I ordered and not to have to accept the(already opened)beer,at room temperature.At làst,I’m beginning to understand food and I could really enjoy my dining out experiences.Watching these programs,only enriched my very limited knowledge,of cuisine I had,until then.

I have to admit,that Google also had a great deal to do,with my new attitude,towards services rendered to me.Finally,I could complain,about poor service delivery(everything in all honesty)and warn other potential customers, againt a business,or I could promote them,by recognizing their exceptional service and/or products.

I’m making full use of it,as local tour guide for Google,as well as on my various social media platforms.This is the main reason,why I included a section..


Here,I give my personal opinion,on ÀNY and ÀLL businesses I had personally visited,used their products of(include online/apps..)or,had a personal telephonic conversation with.

Please take note,that these ratings/reviews are based,on my own personal experience and I TAKE IT VERY SERIOUSLY..I give no favor,where it is not deserved and I don’t downgrade a business,because of any personal relations,or lack thereof.


For example;I’m most certainly the biggest fan,of SPUR STEAK RANCHES,but if you read the reviews and the post I DID about them,you’ll see that not all,is moonshine and roses and that I’m very honest,when writing my reviews.

The same with Roman’s pizzathen…I’ll give Hagenhuis in Burgersdorp,another chance to create better Pizzas…But then you get a business,like Busamed Bram Fisher private hospital….(also in one of my posts)that failed me dearly.My stories,like my reviews,are written in all honesty.Hopefully this section in my blog,can be of some assistance to you…

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