The song goes…“If I could save time in a bottle…”

Is it really time,that passes us by,or are we the ones,that let time goes to waste?


Time gives you the ultimate limit…we have a deadline in everything we do,every day of our lives.You have to get up,at a certain time,hit the road,at a certain time,have to be at work,on a certain time,be in the boardroom, attend that meeting at twelve,do the important interview,before you have a lunchtime overview with the manager,rush home,in the traffic… each day,at the same time,with the same traffic,at the same traffic lights,following the seemingly endless road,of vehicles ahead.Every day, at the same time,you sit in your car,listening to the latest news bulletin…at exactly 5PM.You have to pick up your child,from the daycare at exactly 6PM,to avoid extra fees.The Grocer closes at 7PM and you have to be,at your eldest child’s parent-teacher appointment,no later than 7:30PM….time waits for nobody and the more you want to do,in the time available to you,per day….it seems like you’re able to do less…


You have to await your turn,like all the other parents do…Maybe,the lady in front of you,in a deep and serious discussion with the teacher,is a single mom,with a rebellious teenager and she’s trying to make ends meet… It’s just taking up so much time ….time she just doesn’t have…Working two jobs already and doing some online freelance work…Another child waits at home,hungry and eager for the rest of the family,to arrive.He already did his homework and he is proud to have finished it,jùst in time to show mom,when she arrives….


It’s getting late…the child is getting restless and anxious…Mom has never been this late before…He knows about her busy schedule…the meetings she needs to attend,the errands she has to run and he knows about the heavy traffic…he knows about his miserable,nasty brother’s problems,in school…how many times his mom was called in,to see the Principal….What he never suspected,was that time would soon run out,on all of them….brother would be at the wrong place,apparently at the right time,because he was killed,in a drive-by shooting….not because of who he was,or what he’d done,but purely for the fact,that his time on earth,was up.

Mom,only jùst about in time,on her way home,got the bad side of a truck driver,under the heavy influence of alcohol…he didn’t see the yellow light in time and when he started to brake,he was already in the middle of the crossing…it would be the last thing mom sees,before her time on earth is cut short…The poor child,waiting at home…

He went to different foster parents,but every time he’s placed in a new home,he’d act up and at last,he spent the rest of his life time,in a lot of different institutions.

So,it’s time,for the morning newspaper to be delivered….the milkman got stuck,due to the roadworks,a few blocks away and for the first time in his life,he’d be late.Nobody to pay the rent and utilities are heaping up….nobody wants to take the time to find out,what really happened…it was simply time,to move on…

Even if we could save time,be it in a bottle,it would still find a way to pass us by…like water under a bridge,if time passes you by,you can never recall it…..ever again.

Start today…

… spend more time with your family and less away.Make time for the little things in life,that you normally won’t stop to admire…that new rosebut…yes,you’ve seen thìs rosebush flowering,so many times before,but did you really “stop and smelled the roses”?Your family is in a routine and it works perfectly,but what,if that one day,ONE small thing,in the line of the usual daily events,changed??The teacher-parent meeting that took longer,the drunk truck driver,the drive-by shooting….?Maybe we should bend the rules a bit…change the routine every now and then…NONE of us knows what tomorrow brings…what if something happens,to disrupt your perfectly planned day…something on the outside,to break your foolproof routine…?It will be too late,for you to try and fix it.

Time is worse than money,because it rules the world,all on it’s own…and even money has NO power,over it.

Today’s extra hard work,can bring you more money tomorrow,but what if you can’t share it with those you’re doing it for…. your loved ones,as time can(maybe unknownly)be against one of them?So,even if YOU have time on yòùr side,it might just as well be the opposite,for a loved one…

Jim Croce was one of many artists,who described all the aspects of time,on the best possible way…through the universal language,that everyone understands,namely MUSIC and SONGS(lyrics) I’m including only a few of the names,of artists who had a perfect way,to share their experiences of time….

  • Test your knowledge on music…see the artists below:

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