DIY?NO…”LTI”(let’s try it)

Look,I don’t really have an exceptional talent,but with sòme things,I just have to try out and true to my nature,it usually won’t stop at the 1st try…NO,I have to chop and change and I have to put my own “stamp” on it.

It is mostly recipes…if I don’t like an ingredient,I’d replace it,with something I like…or if I like a recipe,but it still short something,I’d easily add other ingredients.

A few examples;I wanted to make ice cream,but about all recipes,are made with condensed milk,which I didn’t have at that stage and don’t like in any case.The recipe also called for cream and double cream,which I never buy…but I had a tin of coconut milk,in my fridge and as we use low fat,I had,wonder above wonder,full cream milk too.I replaced the double cream,with milk and double cream,with the coconut milk ànd because the condensed milk was a problem,I used granulated sugar.I’d die a happy person,if I can live on coconut and then an ultimate favorite,Caramel!!So instead of Vanilla essence,in went the Caramel essence…I was in the mood,for some caffeine and added some instant coffee granules….Did we have a feast or what…?!

Because milk has a high water content,it freezes solid,if left in the freezer,for too long.Luckely it didn’t have time,to freeze.

Another recipe is the mustard.Now look,there are a lot of mustard recipes, but not one,totally satisfied my personal taste.Hybby likes his sweet and mild, whereas I,like mine stronger and really not as sweet.So,I followed the recipe,but added less vinegar and a bit more turmeric,for a better color.Mine had a complete make-over!!I added more vinegar,more mustard powder,some salt and cayenne pepper,for a little bit of kick.The nice thing about my mix,was when you eat it,your nostrels,that you didn’t realize were blocked at all,suddenly opened up!!Two days later,the Cayenne have the kick needed.

Mine is the darker one,on the left hand side.

Didn’t show mercy,when I started the Mayonnaise,either.This pouring the oil”bit-bit”,was time consuming and it was way too sweet.The solution;much more vinegar and lemon juice…ok not that much more,but more,nonetheless.I didn’t have time,to use a whisk and to be honest I only use one,when absolute necessary.Of course more mustard and don’t forget the pinch of Cayenne!!

It was light and creamy,with a nice tangy flavor…Delicious!!

Something else,I craved for a long time and couldn’t get in combination,drove me to a DIY solution.It was for ginger and raisin bread with molasses,so I looked for a ginger bread recipe and modified it;added raisins, molasses and I mentioned that caffeine boost.Instant coffee granules,brown sugar,instead of white and especially for hubby,roughly chopped 80%(?didn’t really care) dark chocolate.We ate it with custard…a bliss!!

Because it was so rich,I only baked a single layer.I wanted to try my hand,in the “woven basket” effect icing,but I’ll save that,for another day..

All these(and others)were done,over the last three months…..maybe THÀTS why,my weight is playing around…

The newest were the DIY cement projects.I’ve been gathering my(low kilojule)cold drink bottles for some time and in December we cut them, filled it with cement mix and put,half a empty toilet roll,in cling wrap,in the middle.Well it dried perfectly,but the courage to do something with it,only kicked in,yesterday.We took out the middle “stuffed” parts and started painting….well we only have;a matt White,a quick dry Grey and some Red Oxide.Only 2 paint brushes,that wouldn’t do the job.We only painted the Grey and then,I put on a pair of latex examination gloves and used my finger,to paint the Red Oxide.For the White spots/dots,I used earbuts and a sponge to apply make-up with.They’re definitely fàr,from the beautiful things,the other DIY experts made,but mine will still serve their purpose…

I sell my photos online(not these shown here though)and it is described,a lot of things,but one was “traditional art work” So….I’m happy.

There are still a few “made it my own” recipes,that turned out,exactly as we liked ánd wanted it…..

To see more on the recipes,like thìs green,unripe figjam…..

or the picalilli….

…my grandsons personal favorite;pull apart cheese bread.So easy to make and so versatile…well if not,I make it versatile….

Something I NEVER thought I’d be able to do;My daughters hand bouquet,for her wedding,on the 7th of December 2019,that was made with artificial flowers,like she asked,but knew I’ve never done before…She wanted artificial flowers,as it will last for years…

This photo was taken in the main bedroom,of THE CROWNED CRANE,the guest house where we stayed and she got married from….

For MUCH more and DIY projects,please see my boards on Pinterest…you’d be amazed,at all the information,they have to offer….

If you liked àny of my stories,please share it with your friends and family and on social media.I’d appreciate your feedback.Your opinion is important to me.

A big thank you,to my followers,whom I know,are trying to help me,make my blog successful.

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