LOVE TO LET YOU DIE…or Hate to let you live?

In one of my previous posts,I mentioned my brother’s two children, staying with us,during his messy divorce, about 20 years ago……

I also mentioned,that his daughter accused my son of raping her,whilst staying at our house and then,she also convinced my youngest brother’s stepdaughter,to play along.

The stepdaughter came to her senses and came clean,but thìs guilty one,never wanted to personally apologize,even she promised her father,on numerous occasions,that she did.He’d call me and she’d tell him,I’m lying,but one day,he asked her for my phone number,which she couldn’t give,of course.He told her to never call him,or visit him again,until she apologized and we accepted….He saw her in 2019,when she dropped her son off,for him to look after,as she couldn’t.He wasn’t keen,as the child was a total stranger and they didn’t know each other,at all.My brother didn’t see,or hear anything about this child,for years.He has a little baby sister,which his mother gave up for adoption,even though my brother suggested,that she let the baby stay with them,for her,to sort out her life….Well she kept his grandson away from him, for years and they were total strangers.He couldn’t cope with the child’s manners,which was through and through his grandmother’s and mother’s lying,kniving and ignorent ways.At that he looks sò much like her ànd his grandmother,that they could’ve had been brother and sister.It was too much for my brother and even though,his fiance tried to help them bond,he told her to come get her son.She couldn’t and he sent the boy back to her,by bus.He died nearly two months later,on 6th January 2020 and he was happy with his life,back to normal…..and so were all of us!!

I got a message today,that this kniving little tart,was in ICU,in a city close to us.According to the message,her condition is critical,but she called my eldest daughter 3 days ago and told her of all the conditions she had…

Her mother diagnosed herself with “Munchausen by proxy” desease.As a registered nurse,she had a lot of medical background and her children got the worst kind of illnesses….suddenly her little boy had diabetes.He put on a lot of weight,but when his mother couldn’t look after him,he went live with my brother and miracle above miracle,he lost weight and healed totally(and without medication,or special diet) from his diabetes.

Thìs EVIL woman,previously worked as a laboratory assistant,at a Pathology laboratory and had a lot of experience,in blood related illnesses….The message forwarded to me and the how she described her illnesses,to my daughter,were as follows;


that attack and break down her blood cells.

  • She has HEART FAILURE ,

due to all the blood transfusions and because her body now,doesn’t regenerate new blood cells.


and the stress of her father’s death(my brother)is a factor that triggered it.

She totally forgot,to mention that she is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR..that she most probably should,like her mother admit,that she should diagnose herself,with MUNCHAUSER BY PROXY,and are more than capable of mental and medical self-harm.

*Should I give way and do as the person,that sent me this message ask,of me?To pray for her to get better?Are we,the only innocent people,who’s life’s she tried to ruin?People who didn’t do her any harm,but on the contrary,just did her good? If she gets out of hospital,she’s not going to change her ways,because it only means,she’s getting away with it…

Which way do I pray?To let her not use and abuse,at random,as and when,it pleases her.. Do I pray for the poor fools,who are still going to cross roads with her…who’s lives she’s going to ruin,just to satisfy her own vicious craving for HARM,when she gets away with thìs… AGAIN?

If she doesn’t….are we really the only people,that won’t mourn her?We are blood and we didn’t do anything,to hurt her and yet she showed no mercy,when she spun her web,around all the people she uses,nothing to spare, to help her fulfill the tricks,her very ill mind is playing on her !!Is it best to let my soul rest,by wishing,that hèr soul never rests in peace?

Yes!!Of còùrse I’ll pray….

That God forgive ME and show ME mercy for MY hateful thoughts and wishes,because SHE doesn’t deserve HIS forgiveness….


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