Take note:

Thìs true story,I am about to share,may nòt be for the faint hearted…it contains the consumption of….

The story I’m about to share,is part of my childhood,that I like to remember….but since my unhappy childhood life,these memories are hard to find,in my cluttered and messy filing cabinet,in my “top story”

I was stil very small,when my eldest brother,had me do all kinds of naughty things and when caught out,my mother believed his version,of what rèàlly happened,because he was:

  • 1)5 years older
  • 2)he had 5 years of experience,ahead of me
  • 3)he knew how to use it against me
  • 4)he was 5 years older

It was a Sunday afternoon and my parents were having their “SAS” (Sunday-Afternoon-Sleep)we weren’t allowed near the house,because we were “too noisy” and Dad needed his well deserving rest,to prepare him for the week ahead.

We had a big yard and there was no problem,staying out of their way.Those years,we did have a flush toilet,but it was still an outside toilet,right at the back of the yard.Right at the back….ànd a few feet away from the front,with two GIANT(remember;4-5years old)Luquat trees.Most of my “more happy” memories,revolves around these trees,in this yard(but unfortunately,not the rest of it,as it had a lot,of my worse childhood memories,too)….

The neighbors,staying in a hut(a hexagon sided house)behind us,had 5 children,of which the eldest was just older than my brother and the middle child,was my age…There was a older boy,called Tarzan,busy with all kinds of weird stuff(realized later on,that it was dealing drugs)Then a child between them and one,two years younger.Every Sunday morning,around ten o’clock,the parents would send one of the children,to ask my mother for ice,to “set the jelly” as they didn’t have a fridge.This would happen every now and then,just to give the previous used ice trays,enough time to freeze again.They used it for their Brandy and Coke

It was on one of these “silent” Sunday afternoons, that my brother decided,to “get back” at the boy,just older than him.Like with being a child,one doesn’t realize “why or what”until you recall those memories,years later…I only found out about his jealousy,much later in life.He was going “steady” with a girl,for quite some time and thìs new boy,was stirring up a storm!!

We liked to climb,the one Luquat tree and then climb from one branch,to the other,into the toilet roof and then,vèry dangerously,tackle the far thinner branches,to climb over,to the other tree.It was HIGH up and my brother (thìs one!!)fell at one stage and broke a leg(*later more on that)It was daring and took courage,of which my brother could give lots of…He used his mistakes,to make me the culprit,as if it was my idea and he got hurt,trying to talk me out of it.

My brother came up with a plan…Their parents were having their “SAS” too and their parents were even more strict, about their “SA’S” than mý overly strict parents were.My brother got a dark medicine bottle somewhere,stripped the label and washed it…(don’t know why,with what he had in mind)and convinced me to play along…SUDDENLY, it wasn’t just against my brother’s rival,but against them all.Shè irritated me, with her sad stories,when she didn’t know half of mine…

Of you’re squimish,skip this paragraph….

He told me to look away and urinated in the bottle…he called the girl first and told her,that my mother told us,to give the cough medicine to their brother,but said that he wouldn’t trust us,of course.So he convinced the two older children,to let the brother drink the “medicine” They weren’t told to,but used own discretion and take a sip or two each,to show it’s “the truth” before giving it to him,to finish it all.I remember clearly,that he noticed after the first sip,the “medicine” was a bit warm and not only my brother,but his siblings too, convinced him that,that’s exactly the reason,he had to drink it quickly and all at once… finish it,before it cools down…

Well the boy drank it and none of the other children,ever said anything about it,to anyone,afterwards….Somehow he realized what has happened and big brother knew,he was defeated.That girl would never kiss him,knowing that he downed a bottle,of urine and the girls knew,they’d be in trouble,telling anyone about it.

My brother died on the 6th of January,this year and until nòw,we we were the only two,in the family knowing about this….

More on my childhood memories and daily thoughts to follow …

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