Like so many other people,I also decided to try my hand,at different things,to earn an extra income.


Everything started out with Google,inviting me,to become a local tour guide,for them.I still enjoy it vèry much,although I don’t go out much,lately.


Then Qora(Google)invited me to answer questions,for them.I still enjoy it vèry much.A pop-up advertisement,kept interrupting and like I usually do,was to look into it,as I found so much info,going into ads like these.My ads preferences are noted on Google,so it’s only logical,that I receive the appropriate info,based on my profile.

Online Surveys

And Games

I also started with free online games,like word search,to get paid.And then,I do a few online surveys.Everybody promise you,that you’ll make money,by “playing”All starts out well,with unbelievable large sums and quite often.That doesn’t last long though.The adverts are in fact,the app developer’s payment,for you to be able to play and win,are getting closer and the prizes smaller and further apart.I mean,come on!!You don’t loose anything,by paying me,as you get compensated for the ads, you run and that I pay in data for!!!Another thing;they give “cash out”limits,that looks so within reach,just to get a rude awakening,as you go along,in the game.Just when you think you striked it lucky,they give smaller amounts,and give it much further apart, but still run the adverts.

Big promises,

Big dreams,

and nò winnings

I do see the photos and adverts,of people winning Big,but thàt doesn’t bother me.It bothers me,that other people like me,are trying to make some extra money and the developers are not honest.I’m naming the developers,as I’m telling you the absolute truth,about my own personal experience…I downloaded three of their games.A scratch card called”Scratch Day” and two “spinners”:“Spin Royale” and “Spin Day” I downloaded it,one directly after the other and I play them,one after the other.Where I got large amounts in the beginning,with each new set of cards or spinners,the money are now only given,in every fourth or fifth game! The only one game,where I have $9.40,is stuck,for some time now.The other two won’t go past £8.80and $8.85.They say that it is pure luck,but I find it suspicious,that my luck systematically ran out,on Three games,from the same developer, around the same time…I feel,they should let you start out and end at the same speed and give payouts,as they make money,using my data to advertise,for companies who pay them,as well.


I constantly see blogs,with “make money from/on Pinterest” including hundreds of “how to for beginners”… Not thinking for one moment,that some of us,weren’t as privileged,to receive any education,on how to operate a computer.This means that,never mind how hard I try,it’s still speaking Greek in Russia,about a Chinese person,to a Mexican!!Make money pinning,start a business account,advertise on your business blog… people,how…?! Maybe there are some people out there,that we’re also as uninformed,long time ago,as I am now,regarding making money on Pinterest…..?(follow my boards,to see the large variety of things,to do and make….Delicious recipes,DIY,crochet and knitting,gardening,art, tattoos,animals,wallpapers and lots more.All on Pinterest…download the getting paid for promoting them,by the way-do so because I make good use of their service)

Follow my Pinterest boards(on Google too):lenielouw1964


I wrote a review,to the developers on the Viker app,to let them know,of my unhappiness with VIKER,because I like to give reviews,on the apps I download and use.I feel one should give a honest opinion and true compliments,where it’s deserved,but in all honesty,also warn others,on making unnecessary mistakes.VIKER did not respond,like most developers do.I’m disappointed,in the false promises,in their ads and the way they mislead me,about their games.


Not much better… Also a limit on payout and then it is from different companies,that you do the surveys for.This means,your earnings is wide spread,instead of the main surveyer,like GreenPanthera or Surveyeah,taking the onus on themselves and work on one account.I enjoy the surveys,just as much as the reviews and will keep trying,for what it’s worth….


Then you start off,with rèàl blogging on how to make money.At first you get likes, until you start following them,out of interest,then you only hear from them,when they post….to get more readers,you have to be able to install plug-ins(way past Greek)and you have to upgrade.Now,they don’t want monthly payments,you have to pay the year ahead…while trying all these things,for some extra cash,where in the world,am I going to get money,to pay a year upfront,if I don’t have money,to update and install.Have to add,that I got the best care and attention,from the WordPress team, like no other company….I wish some of the team,can just go back in time and be in the blank space,I am now,regarding computer literacy.Maybe then,they’ll be able to explain,the whole system in a language,a real beginner can understand.*Have to thank the WORDPRESS team though,for their patience and assistance,without hesitation.


Maybe,there is someone out there,reading thìs,who can explain every step,on “how to get paid for pinning and let companies advertise on my Pinterest blog”and “how to get more traffic” me,in RÈÀL BEGINNER,beginner on mobile phone,language…and without the unnecessary,high technical words,that doesn’t have a meaning,to pure novises like me,or needing excessive research.

I would really appreciate(a lot of)HELP….Anybody…?