I don’t know about yòù guys,but I just can’t help myself….I hàve to experiment with àll recipes.

I’m a very fussy eater and don’t necessarily like all,that shòùld go into a specific recipe.Sometines it is a recipe,that needs that something extra,I’m craving.

This is a big problem sometimes,as most recipes,aren’t meant to be altered at random.Still doesn’t bother me,though…like the “trend” in IDOLS,THE VOICE,AMERICA’S GOT TALENT… I too,like to make it my own!

Recently,I discovered the wonders of microwave”baking”It didn’t take long,for the mugs to be replaced with a larger container….reckoning,that I wouldn’t have to wash 2 mugs,at the end.Then I got really daring…I doubled the doubled recipe,in a large enough bowl,for the two of us,to have at least 4 portions each.Never mind the knife,now needed to cut the double-double as well as the small plates,to serve it in.

Because the recipe was chopped and changed,the texture and taste changed too.The “dried up” cake,on the outside and top and “wet raw” dough,didn’t impress me.It called for a nice thick caramel,or chocolate sauce….another mission!!Had to adjust the usual recipe,to make it microwavable.Nòw,I have to turn thìs bowl over,in a deep plate,cut away the raw parts and drown the dry parts,with the nice(I prayed)sauce.It had to be cut and dished up,with a spoon,on two small,but deep plates,use two spoons to eat….

Can you imagine the mess?Instead of two mugs,the fork I mixed with and the two spoons to eat with,I have a bowl,a mixer, a deep plate,a bowl for the sauce and something to mix thàt with and the spoons,to dish up.Also the deep plates and spoons,at the end to eat with.Can you imagine the flavour and textures,after my “mix and match” recipe alteration?

Not everything bad though…..I’ve had quite a few successes,that were rèàlly tasting and looking,mùch better than the original.The satisfaction,after I’ve altered a recipe much, that I can rèàlly call it my own,knowing that it’s not even close,to the original recipe…..?PRICELESS!!

Keep an eye on my blog,as I will reveal,some of my “hardfaught” “made-it-my-own”recipes,in a few posts,still in the pipeline.

I keep on looking,keep on changing,but can’t ever settle,with the learning part….. As my motto is:

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I would appreciate your feedback and opinion.

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