Let me start this post,on a more positive note.I’ll try and use sòme of the negativity,in a more positive way….


I had the privilege,of having a mother,that motivated me,to become the best housewife and mother,I ever could be…She taught me how to cook,by showing me how it’s done.I started out,with peeling the potatoes.Doesn’t seem,like thàt hard a thing to do ànd should be quick to learn?Normally yes…unfortunately not with my mother.She believed,that you should put in,all you’ve got and make a success of it,the first time around.That way, you could learn to do more things,successfully ànd do it a lot quicker,in the process.


So to peel potatoes for her, was a challenge,as she liked to motivate,with the backhand.It wasn’t thàt bad,once you’re used to it.It actually didn’t feel right,if she didn’t “correct” me, constantly.Remember,she wanted me to be the bèst.


The dear,dear potatoes.We were 4 children,but my sister moved out,on her own,the minute she finished high school.This meant,I should ònly had to peel potatoes,for 5 people.Yes,it would’ve been nice,to only have to peel 5 potatoes,or even 8 but ,I had to peel much more,because my father strictly believed in potatoes.This meant:cooked potatoes…2 for my father,brother and mother and 1 each,for me and my younger brother,2 extra for the carrots and 2 extra for the green beans.Come Sunday,it will be 2 extra for the cabbage too.


t’s not just peeling!!It’s an act of patience ànd speed.It had to be peeled so thin,that one could nearly see through it,but because of all the òther food preparations,I had to in record time….if I didn’t want to be “motivated” Of còùrse,a few extra potatoes,for just in case we have the “usual-last-minute-sorry-we-should-go” guests.Of còùrse they’d stay for the Sunday meal,fit for a King’s table.

A vèry big,juicy,perfectly grilled,golden brown Chicken,with oven baked potatoes,3 veggies(màshed and added potatoes,with salt,pepper and margarine)a mixed salad, with jùst lettuce,tomato,cucumber and onion,all thinly sliced and topped up with salt, pepper and vinegar.Also a beetroot salad,with grated beetroot,cooked the Saterday already,mixed with a small diced onion,salt,pepper,vinegar and a little bit of sugar.The sugar,are strewn over the grated beetroot,early morning already.

For dessert,there were 3 flavoured jellies.Usually a Orange,Raspberry and a Green Lime.Custard are made with fresh full cream milk and custard powder,a pinch of salt and enough sugar,for a nice sweet treat.Thìs privilege,will be given,at 3 in the afternoon and if the guests “couldn’t” stay,they had theirs packed and ready,to take along.

Thìs didn’t happen often,as the adults,would go buy alcoholic beverages from a shebeen,when the previous night’s variety of beer,brandy and Coke,for mother and for father,Schweppes Lemon twist,are finished.The visit,usually lasted into the late afternoon and but had ended later,a few times.


If the dished aren’t done on the Sunday,a lucky break for me,because of the visitors,I’d know what to do,the following afternoon, after school!!I loved the Sunday-dishes-break,but hated the Monday afternoon catch-up,because it included the early morning dishes too!


I could cook a proper meal,before most other women could cook,after their weddings.I was 17 and pregnant with my eldest son,when my sister(25)got married and had to cook everything, from cook books.At one stage,she got the hang of making PAELLA and that’s what she cooked,for weeks….


I knew how to do washing.Remember the motivation made me an expert,in grade grade 7or 8.How to separate the colours(many garments weren’t colorfast,back then) To rinse it thoroughly,by hand, in the bath tub,as the washing machine,was a OLD model,without a spinner.The clothes were taken out of the soapy water,in the machine and then be rinsed,in the bath tub,winged and rinsed again and only then ready to go on the washing line.Just before sunset,I’d take off the washing and fold it neatly,not to wrinkle it more.Ironing was my Sunday afternoon job.We weren’t privileged enough,to have a steam iron/steamer,in this days and I had to press my tunics for school,as well as my youngest brother’s school pants my father’s over-all and handkerchiefs and my mother’s uniform.



The floors were washed,on the knees,as the old polisher we had,broke.You’d wash as far as your arm could stretch and than take a clean wet cloth to wipe up the soap water,then dry it with another towel like cloth.Out the back door,in the front door…time to polish and let it dry for about 2 hours,then back and brush the polish off with a handheld brush and “buffed”


Because of my home science/economics teacher,motivating me on my thy,with the flat hand,I HATE sowing and can’t really sow,even though I try from time to time… Unsuccessfully of course,but I don’t and won’t give up….

The downside to the over-motivation,of back then, is that I HATE doing dishes,I HATE doing the washing,but the thing I HATE the most,is ironing!!I’m so glad we can buy drip dry clothes and I have a steamer,for JUST -IN- CASE.


I did the playing house,for years,but due to my health,I can’t even do it,half as often as I should.I’m also lucky ànd Blessed enough,to have a husband, that LOVES cooking.He doesn’t mind,doing the washing too,as he is vèry precise on the creases,of his uniform.


I’m not into,all the motivational learnings,of way back when,but I developed new interests,that I continuesly do,on my own motivation….it doesn’t include a backhand,through the face,over the back,on the naked thy,but purely by my own determination and perseverance.


ALL negativity started out,with that damn potato peeling.It could’ve turned out so differently.

I LOVE baking and experimenting…maybe because,this is a field,I didn’t get motivated on..

  • I rèàlly enjoyed searching,mixing and matching the images,as it brought back many memories,of the late 60’s and early 70’s…..

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My explorations and experiments,when it comes to my innovative side!!!Not all negative….I’m including some of my own recipes,I tried,adjusted and made,successfully….

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