I was in standard 5/grade 7 when the following memory played off.
My brother,nearly 5 years younger than me,was still as spoiled by mother,as when he was still a little baby.We were mischievous and the fact that I’m so much older and already in my teenage years,didn’t stop me,from still being a child,playing with her little brother.
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It was in ’76/’77,when we just got our own TV(in South Africa)and my brother and I,were only allowed to watch,from 18:00 to 20:00,because programs like Dallas came on,at about 22:00 and that was purily for adults only….they kissed and held hands and showed love and affection….
something my parents didn’t show openly.
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We could also watch until 20:00,under the condition,that we have to watch the 18:00 news…Dad asked some question afterwards,to proof that we actually payed attention and listened.The channel aired until midnight and from then on,until the next evening at 18:00,there was only a test image displayed.
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During this time,there was a series on TV,called “EMERGENCY:SQUAD/STATION 51” It was about the work and lives,of two firefighters.We were hooked and didn’t miss a minute.
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It was a short school holiday and my parents were at work.My brother and I started playing(like children around that age did,back then)and one game lead to another,when we ended up  as firefighters!! It was the day after the weekly episode,so the story was still fresh,in our memories.
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We did different “rescues” on each other and some imaginary rescues and at last it was time,to plan the big one,
We discussed our new strategy and since he was the smallest ànd weighted the least,I would be the rescuer and he would be my partner in “distress”
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We got onto the roof,of the outbuildings.It was a low roof,but still high for us.We took everything along.First, he had to take a big plastic supermarket bag,hold it above his head,to catch some wind and then jump.We tried this a few times,but he got tired of climbing up the ladder,back unto the roof and even more so,of falling himself,full of cuts and bruises.
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It was time,to move on,to more serious rescuing.We got on the roof.I “(TRIED TO)tie a piece of wire,around the old chimney and the other end,around my brother’s waist….well he wàs very skinny…
He had to slide down the side,of the wall and I’d give some slack….
It didn’t quite work out,as it was a steel wire,of about 4mm’s in diameter.I couldn’t really tie a knot,but did bend it somewhat….enough for him,to think it will all work out,in any case…
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He started sliding down, but instead of feeding the wire,the knot tightened,around that excuse of a waist.
Oh boy…. our calculations were fàr off!!!He ended up,hanging halfmast,between the roof and the ground and that wire was pulling tighter,by the second.I tried to release the wire from the chimney,but that lightweight body,was way too heavy,for me to pull him up,or just enough to try and untangle it.


I climb down to the ground, but even standing on the garden table,I could reach him,to try and get that wire off him.He was getting anxious(I would’ve been too…. He held out longer that I would’ve)This called for drastic measures.I had to go call the maid(more a housekeeper,as she cooked,cleaned,did the washing and took care of us)It really was the last resort,because we knew, she’d hàve to tell my mother.
She(clearly thinking like an adult)moved the ladder up,next to my brother.She struggled to hold him high enough,to stop the wire from pulling tighter,but she did.
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My brother was sore and his waist was extremely sensitive.We didn’t say anything and he didn’t complain about pain,to my mother…My but was saved…..thìs time….
as the housekeeper, SALFINA nèver told on us either.

Still to follow,later in my blog:More of my memories,around these years,when we were still having(mischievous)fun,as children….