I’m doing this story,based on my own personal experience.I know,there might be people,who would totally disagree with me and it is thèir prerogative….

This is unfortunately,my side of the story and it’s true….

Long Reading ahead

This is a relatively long story,so please….get a snack and maybe a glas of wine and let me take you to…..

The day I was admitted,to thìs private hospital,at the end of August,2019, was a day I’ll never forget…I have the photo to prove it.I’ve never ever,had such an unprofessional and traumatic experience,in any other hospital I stayed at,including Government Hospitals.

On the day of my admission,it already started out wrong,when we entered the reception area.

We only got away from the Doctor’s rooms,at about nine at night.**At the hospital,we had to wait,for more than half an hour,before the male receptionist arrived.To top it,it took him,almost another half an hour,to “set up” his work station.

(There was a security guard present,for what it was worth….)
At last we were called,so I could be admitted.
The receptionist started with “sorry,but the system is slow” So we waited.When the system was up and running,we were bombarded with questions,that the doctor or secretary,should’ve given,when my bed was booked.This meant,that the program froze at times,when we didn’t have an answer and then we’d confer,on what the closest answer was,until the doctor could correct it,the following day.
**There was a “mentally challenged” pasient that kept interrupting us,to buy earphones from reception,but the receptionist would have to go,out of the program, to help him and asked him,to wait,until he was finished with us.RUDE INTERRUPTION
**Out of the blue,a male sister,with a lot of color pips on his epulettes,pushed his way,in between my husband and I.He didn’t apologize,for interrupting and demanded,that the receptionist attend to the other pasient,immediately.The receptionist’s explanation,+ wasn’t even heard,by thìs sister.
He got up and do as he was told.FIREARM
After a long and unnecessary extended admission,I told the receptionist,that I’d like to put my firearm,in the vault for safe keeping,for the duration of my hospital stay,as I àlways do,when admitted to any hospital.
He and the security guard looked at each other and before they said anything,I told them,that the law doesn’t allow me,to let my husband take the firearm,back home with him.HOSPITAL SECURITY
*He said that we had to hand it in at the security office,at the entrance,which wasn’t really close,to the hospital entrance…..(*see the return of the firearm)
Back at the hospital,the guard accompanied us,to the ward I would be admitted to.
As it was around midnight already,only the really important information,was written down.MALADMINISTRATION OF MEDICATION
**My troubles started the following day,regarding my medication.
To give you an idea of why I was so vicious about my medication:I’ve been in and out of the hospital in East London (South Africa)to find the right medication combination,best for me.It took the best part,of two years.When I was discharged,from my last six week ordeal,in St.Dominic’s Medical ICU ward(see post on PAH-silent killer)my medication administration was distributed,the best way ever and was effective.
Thìs hospital stay was nearly two years afterwards and I wasn’t(and still isn’t) willing,to put my life at risk,to make life easier,for the nursing staff.
They only administered the ward’s medication,on,at the most 4 different times(8,12,17,22) and mine should be given at:6,8,13,17,20:00-20:30 and 21:00
The Pharmacy,didn’t have some of the medication I was on and then,there were other problems… So bad,that they sometimes gave my 6 o’clock ànd 8 o’clock medication,with the lunchtime medication ànd to top thàt,it wouldn’t be the right dosage or medication.
Mý luck was,that I didn’t hand in my new batch of medication,from the medical Aid,as there was still enough,left over from the previous month.I just put the medication they gave me,back on the box.BLOOD PRESSURE
**Since the first time,they took my blood pressure,I complained,that the pressure of the meter,was too strong for the cuff,that it pumped up too excessively and hurt like hell.Each time they came in,to take our vital signs,I froze,as I knew the cuff would result,in a extremely burning feeling.
I complained to the nurses and then to the Registered Nurses.Nobody gave any attention to it.The Saterday night,I decided,that it was enough.I refused to let them take my blood pressure and kept it up, until the Monday,when I was discharged….
*Except for this,my blood pressure was way too low and a few times,way up high,but it was charted and forgotten.NOBODY EVER FOLLOWED UP….! LACK OF NURSING CARE
The lack of nursing care,was clearly visible!!!
**It is mandatory,for everybody,to wash their hands,when they enter àny room in the ward and àny person,that needs to touch you,had to wash their hands,before moving on,to your bed.Most of the nurses didn’t and thìs included some of the RN’s too.UNHYGIENIC
**The equipment used, should be cleaned,with antiseptic spray,between pasients….didn’t happen!!UNSAFE
**I slipped and nearly fell twice,because of wet floors, with NO signs put out,to warn about the wet floors. LACK OF ELDERLY PATIENT CARE
**The black old lady,next to me,was feeling sick,on the 2nd day of my stay.Her blood pressure was vèry low and she was asleep,most of the times.At one stage,she rang her bell and said she urgently needed to go to the bathroom.The nurse said she’s going to find someone who can assist them and didn’t return….
This went on,even after the other three of us,would ring the bell for her.At some stage I dosed off and I opened my eyes,just in time,to see the old lady,holding on to her bed, trying to get to the bathroom.I rang my bell and the nurse came in,jùst as the old lady fell.She defecated herself and on the floor.Can you imagine the humiliation,as everybody’s looking at her???They took her to the bathroom and cleaned her up.DIRTY WITH FAECES
**I went to the bathroom,some time after that and I was disgusted,as there were still spots of faeces,on the tap!!!ALLERGIC REACTION
**The lady,right across the room from me,had a mild reaction to her antibiotics and she had to finish thìs course,as it was the only type,that didn’t have a more drastic reaction,like those already tried.She complained about a headache and asked for pain medication and again,the promise to be back,was made.When her husband came to visit,at around four the afternoon,hè went to the nurses station and asked one of the RN’s,that promised,to send a nurse… She received some,from the night staff,at 22:00!!DIABETIC
**The last lady in our room,was right by the door.She was a diabetic and admitted,to teach her about the readings,on the Blood Glucose meter and to self-administer her Insulin,as well as everything,about her diet and meals.She lives in a very small rural area,too far from hospital,to come for regular checkups and information.
She didn’t receive her injections according to prescription and her blood sugar wasn’t tested regularly,before meals.She also,didn’t receive her other medication on time and didn’t get snack-foods in between,like diabetics are supposed to.IGNORENT KITCHEN STAFF
**The kitchen wàs pathetic and definitely not organized,like a large institution kitchen should be.We received our meals ànd tea at different times and late,every day.The Sunday afternoon we didn’t get our 3 o’clock tea and 20 minutes later,I mentioned it to the RN.She went to the kitchen herself and came back with:“the kitchen staff said,that it’s too late now and the patients,can have their tea,with their 5 o’clock meal
The food was tasteless and bland and the menu didn’t have many options.It was saltless and they didn’t issue extra salt and pepper sachets,like other institutions do.
During the time,the old lady was sick,she sometimes had 2 trays of food,on her “over-bed-trolley”They didn’t report to the nurses and the nurses could care less,who ate and who didn’t.They didn’t help her get up and try to feed her….UNNECESSARY EXTRA EXPENSES
It was brother’s 50th birthday over the weekend of the 6th of September.I organized with doctor,to be discharged,on the day we went to Pretoria,as we couldn’t afford,the extra petrol(gas)money and it would be too expensive,to go to hospital(600 kilometres return)then drive past the Hospital,to Pretoria and back again,past the hospital.So there were two dates,to consider…on the way to,or in the way back…TESTS
**Doctor did all,but one test.That was for my feet.(*I can’t drive and haven’t been able to do so,for more than two years now.)
Since my last stay in hospital,my feet can’t feel touch,temperature or other sensations,dispite proper blood flow.
I called my husband,vèry early the Monday morning,to come get me.
When doctor came around,for the morning visit,I told her,that I wanted to go home.I didn’t give a reason,I just wanted to get out if the place.I said,that I’d make a new appointment,for tests on my feet….and I will,but definitely never in thìs hospital again.FIREARM RELEASE
**It was time to go release my firearm….got to the security office…NO SECURITY GUARDS.
Called the hospital from the cellphone and at last one arrived.There were only one, of the two keys to the safe,in a polistyrene cup.The guard went on a “hunt” for the other guard and returned about 10 minutes later….PHOTO:MARKS ON ARM
**My husband took a photo,(below)of the marks on my arm,the Monday and it may not look like much,but even now,thinking back,my stomach is turning upside down.EMAILS-MANAGEMENT
*I sent emails,to the Ward Matron,as well as the Unit Manager and the hospital manager,without any feedback,in this regard.The Hospital Matron did some enquiring of her own and they decided amongst themselves,that the insiders were treated as an  internal matter and disciplinary action was given accordingly….How and who was disciplined?… I never mentioned one of the staff’s names,in àny of my emails!!!

It isn’t poor nursing and the  regarding patient care,from management…It’s the TOTAL LACK of nursing care and the RUDE,            INSENSITIVE DISREGARD,from management.

Patients easily advice against MEDI-CLINIC,or/and ROSEPARK,but I’d go back,to any one of them,without a doubt.I can in all honesty and absolutely truthfully,advice anyone,to really consider, to nèver be admitted to :




**This is my own personal experience and is purily meant,to inform others of my traumatic experience,during my stay in thìs hospital.