TRY FOR A $ OR 2..

I started writing short stories,when I was in grade 9.Not necessarily things I knew about…. maybe heard of,but definitely not things I did,or saw someone else do….In school,I loved the one thing,almost all my classmates hated;essays.It was amazing,to build a whole story,around a single topic.I had freedom,to let my thoughts wonder and I could dream,without being disturbed.It was school homework and allthough,my mother couldn’t care less,about the homework part of my schoolwork,I had to do at that stage,I lived for the next class and rèàlly enjoyed it….Still,it had to be done,after all my household chores,were over and fine with,for the night and I was alone in my room,that I could let my thoughts wonder off….I’ve written hundreds of letters,throughout the years.Like millions of people did,before Mobile Phones.A lot of people,I wrote to,enjoyed my letters,because my letters took them,to the unknown world,that I lived in,at that moment.If it was a bad day,I’d make it an interesting bad day.No use, in making everyone miserable and that could be received,only two months afterwards.I like to stick to the truth,but it doesn’t mean,I have to be plain and simple,when telling my story.Now to the part about blogging…I started out,trying to create a blog,almost a year ago,on an invite from Google.I tried all different things,but I had no clue,what button did what and what extra keys meant what…

Okay!!I still don’t know much,but I’ve come a long way,with lots of assistance and patience, from WordPress(no,I don’t get paid,to say it!!)I was adement to start something,in the “line of” a blog,because I have so much to tell….So many stories and life experiences to share…To have 50 plus years to share,takes time and dedication.

It’s sò much different,than writing those letters back then.It’s not quite the essays,I loved in school…..You addressed your letter,to a person and a month or so later,that person replies… at long last.
You’d read it over and over, so scared of missing one piece of the puzzle.YES,puzzle.The content of a letter fits like puzzle pieces.You can only use the corners,in the spaces meant for it and it won’t fit in,anywhere else else.
A letter has it’s introduction, some ups,in between,then way up(climax)and then the end… you can’t put any of this anywhere else…..
Simple,isn’t it?Well,if you’re hoping to try and make just a small extra income,by doing things like online surveys,writing without the necessary “technology”and knowledge,to support it,think again….except,of course,if you’re as motivated as I am,to make a success of it.Blogging is unbelievably far,from writing an essay,òr building a puzzle.
  • You don’t have a specific person,that you write to,but pray that you“target” the right person/s or group of readers.Someone, interested enough,in what you have to share…
  • You send your letter out there,hanging in the air somewhere  and hope it finds a destination,or two.
  • Then you wait and wait for that “return”letter…
There are so many bloggers,that already started to fight,for a spot in the sun,that I miss the simplicity of my school essays….to see the  anticipation,on my teacher’s and classmates’ faces.This whole blogging,actually started out,as a search to find a publisher of some sort,to be satisfied,just a bit satisfied,of the milestones I’ve accomplished, regarding my writing “skills”(if I may”)I mean, words are meant to follow each other,in a certain way, to form a sentence,and then the perfect story.You can change the word order,or find a more appropriate word,rearrange the sentence,but never mind how you do it,or òn what(laptop,mobile..)you do it…be it on paper,wood or papyrus,the story stays the same…..?What an eye opener!!Being sò far behind,in the world of modern technology,is like a fish on the bottom of a tank…he knows how to swim,but the fishes roaming the waters,middle and top,are the ones that swim in different strokes.I’ve been part of Qora,for quite a while now.Let me tell you something…To answer a questions,put to you directly,according to your knowledge of certain topics,is nothing in comparison to blogging and is not even in the baby shoes,of freelance writing,yet!!Yes,I’m constantly doing “homework/research about that.

In December last year,during the weekend of my daughter’s wedding,we were sitting,in the lounge area,candles burning,as it was loadshedding.(See later on “surely in SA only”)Somehow,the conversation turned to my answers,I’ve given on Qora and the reviews,as local tour guide for Google.My brother asked to read some and then asked me,why I don’t consider freelance writing.He told me of a lady and her friend,that wrote “stuff”for companies,that paid quite well…why shouldn’t I be interested?To do exactly what I love and get paid…even just a small amount?Even better news;some of it,was based on my favorite favorite!!PERSONAL,at that ESSAYS ÀND to top it, some include just TOPICS!You do some research and write an essay,or story.

He got information from her,names of some companies,mosly magazines and newspapers,wìth the guide lines…..What a shock!!Talking about your niche,copy&paste, submitting your portfolio,in a certain format,and,and another and!!
It’s like a Russian speaking Greek,in Africa….so many fancy words.Some,I just couldn’t get my head around,but after the help,of my best friend Google,it is actually something totally understandable,under a “incomprehensible”techno.word,or sentence…

It gives me the chills…I realize,that I’m vèry far behind,on modern tech….but I Don’t and Won’t give up.

Hence thìs blog/site.I learn a lot from others,whom I follow and even though,I don’t know much about the “computer” keys,talk and“shortcutsyet,but I’m getting there.Very slowly,but….

The bloggers and websites,offering free advice for “beginners don’t realize,that there are rèàlly BEGINNERS out there,like me!!!I decided to start with daily posts,to gain enough knowledge,to make this blog a success.I have faith,that it won’t be too long,before I can put something in my portfolio,to hand in and be reviewed, by companies and succeed in my blog and at that,freelance writing too…. Maybe even earn a $ or 2…?I dedicate thìs song,to others like me,that wish for just “a few dollars more….”