FEBRUARY:(Month of love and life)

Gifts & Other Goodies…

YES!!!We’re still in February,the month of falling in love and so often,falling out of love.Thìs could also be blamed,on Valentines day.See,one finds a new Valentine and then,leaves the other poor “older model” Valentine out in the cold.Now the new love gets gifts,even before Valentines Day.They begin to prepare,for the bìg gift exchange.Almost everybody is looking for advice,on what gifts to buy and ideas are exchanged,on how ask the big question.

It’s not just something sweet and beautiful,like flowers or chocolates… No!!It has to be something like diamonds,other gemstones,gold and silver.Special membership cards to an exclusive club.Then the gifts can’t  just be exchanged.It hàs to be,during dinner at an expensive,fancy and exclusive restaurant.The chef’s choice,was the only food,that will be ordered…
To pay far to much,for far less food,is what will be.Nòthing short,of French champagne will do.Another must have,is a live band ,that only plays soft love songs.During the 2nd glass of French,he put his hand in his pocket and say”I’ve been waiting for so long,to give this to the most important lady,in my life…. Takes out the wrapped gift and hands it over,to her.She opens it and after sò many “you shouldn’t have” and “it’s beautiful!!” he’ll get up,walk around the table and then,put the expensive piece of gold and diamonds neckless around her long slender neck…he kissed her softly and send chills through her……
They move in together,two weeks later.The “in” nights, with TV dinners,are becoming a new trend.At first,it was because they couldn’t share their love,with anybody else.Then she realizes,that he is getting home,later and later and they don’t go out anymore.Then he come home,on January afternoon and tells her,that he met someone else.The breakup is quick and off he goes,in persuit of a love,that will last forever…..

#Stop exchanging gifts….

My husband and I,followed trend and bought Christmas gifts and put it under the tree,while the kids were sleeping.Even when,they were all grown up and visiting.Then we’ll set the alarm,for 21:55 and wake everybody up.Midnight on the dot,we’d wish each other Merry Christmas and then the gifts were exchanges.
Then it was Valentines day too.Take note,that we were raising 4 children and having a very demanding mother,staying with us,at some stage We bought each other Valentines gifts,because we felt compelled to,following others.We hàve to be able,to join in the conversations,before ànd after!!It was very expensive too.Believe me,that a red rose,or heart shaped “love you” card,that’s alrèàdy more expensive,than in the city,can cost more than double,during the buildup to a special day,like Valentine’s week,in a small rural town.

NOW!!!LET’S NÓT FORGET THE BIRTHDAYS!!!March,April ànd May…Not talking about a birthday,or two…

Okay,then Mother’s day rolled up.Again,it was a nuisance,as I had to enjoy my children’s half burned,half freezed food,made with lots of love,of course,but also with hands,that tend to in volentarely,touch everywhere and anything.Don’t talk about the beautiful ornaments,they chose with so much love and care.

Wedding anniversary…

Father’s day,a male repeat,of Mother’s day.


Mòre birthdays


Then it (still)is only politically correct,to donate,to every “great” cause.Please take note:I’m nòt implying,that it’s nòt important!But except,for the few important special runs,haircuts and hair coloring,for the different Cancers,it’s the other day’s like;Red nose day,Slipper day,Secretary day,Bosses day,Animal cruelty,Abuse:against children/animals/Gender based.For the less fortunate,for hungry children,for the unemployed,for doctors without borders,reach for a dream….ALL,extrèmely good and worthy causes,but it’s very expensive,to not be able,to put your foot down and only support,one or two special causes.
Now,you shouldn’t forget,about all the expenses,parents have to pay,for a schoolgoing child.Their school books,and administrative costs.School fees and extracurricular activities,projects,special uniforms…..

The same year,our last child spread her wings,we decided,that it was getting out of hand,way too expensive and something,we cannot afford to sustain.After thàt last Christmas,we’d buy something,for “each other”that both agree on and both can benifit from.It will also be something,we actually rèàlly want.This went on,over the years and we’re still following through.

Just a example,or so…I wanted my husband,to weld a few things,but it was closest to my birthday,so we bought it,as my(our) present.He wanted advertised Butcher’s cleavers,for his birthday two months away,so I bough two different ones…one each,but both use it.I wanted to go,for my eldest brother’s 60th birthday,two years ago and even though,it was in October already,it was “our”Christmas present.We’d skip our wedding anniversary gifts and go camping and fishing,somewhere,we haven’t been before.
We never skipped the good wishes and the cakes,otherwise it would not be fair,to have a special day and not have ànything,to enjoy at least,on the special occasion.I can’t remember when last,I bough those expensive cards!!I just download a few apps and create,quite a few different cards,to send as birthday and Christmas,ect.

Sorry shop owners….the whole gift exchanging thing, turned into a massive money making scheme.Christmas is advertised,as early as July/August sometimes.Bying things both can use,or going on that nice getaway,is worth so much more,as that gift,I know he had to fish around for and hoped he’d had find.Also much better,than buying gifts,that ends up in the back of the wardrobe,or some cupboard,or box.Most of the times,the money and thought,that went into such gifts are waisted,as it wasn’t really,what the other person necessarily wanted….or NEEDED

Valuable lesson
Love shouldn’t be confined,to space and time.Parents need love on other days,than mother’s and fathers day, too.Children and animals should get continous attention,because they don’t live,only once a year.Marriages should be cherished,every day and special treats,shouldn’t only happen on a anniversary.Don’t gift with expensive early goods,rather gift with love in abundance…..It’s far more valuable and fits all colors,genders and sizes….
                            – M.Louw
The legends regarding St.Valentine,are way too many to try and recall his/(more likely)her version,isn’t something I’m starting with.The one’s that most agree on:

  • He was a catholic

  • He was a Priest

  • He attempted to,or assisted Christians to escape and/or to get married,because it was against the law,for young men to get married.

Is he worthy though,of having a special a day,named after him and is it fair,to follow trend of exchanging gifts,on his day,like we do with Jesus and celebrating His day…..