HONEST LIES(or half truths?)

This read,is much longer than I initially intended…it’s going to take some time,but please,have a nice snack and a glass of something, and read it to the end….
Let’s face it….there are a lot of parents,who want to believe,their little angels will never,do the things, they’re accused of.They’re mostly also the ones,who see an unknown beauty,in the sometimes really ugliest babies.It’s more or less,like buying the most fluffy,cute puppy and when he’s grown up,he is a replica,of the a few combined pure breeds.Each one,on it’s own,proud, powerful,protective, beautiful,such beautiful dog.But that once pretty little pup,has the following family and breed,running through his veins:
*Uncle LouisBull Mastiff(body)
*Aunt EdithPug(face) *Gran’ma AliceWhite Sheppard Dog(tail)
*Gran’pa OllieJack Russell(colors)
*Mom TinaBasset(Ears and legs)
*Dad RadarBorder Collie(Coat)
*Uncle SamChihuahua(Bark) Now a grown dog,only his immediate could love this piece of “artwork”
Fortuanitely(un?)I wasn’t one of those moms.I’ll not give names,because I don’t want to hurt any feelings, but it’s true,so I’ll tell.
My eldest son was the most beautiful baby,I have ever seen(ever being only 17*)My father could sit on the veranda,with my son in his stroller(pram)and just stare at him.According to dad(r.i.p)Only my eldest sister was às beautiful.My send son….oh boy.When my mom and a colleague,came to visit  early,the morning after the birth, they looked at each other and said he was a beautiful baby.I interrupted them with”no need to lie, he’s ugly and that’s it!)I just turned 19!Well he seriously was!!He was healthy and had everything,on all the right places,but still ugly!A vèry,vèry big mouth,that opened full width,when he cried and his eýes!!Big! Deepest blue,that could stare at you,until you get goose bumps.He was also very tall and very skinny.If you see my children today(adult and parents themselves)I think you wouldn’t believe,what I just told you(will include latest photos)

Back to story!!Like most other children,we were naughty too.My parents never “covered” for us and we had,just about as much hidings,as food.To maybe let you have mercy, on what I’m about to tell you,let me remind you that children lead by example…
I can’t remember the first part thàt clearly,but enough to know,It could’ve been catastrophic.
Around the age of 4 or 5,I got hold,of my mother’s box of matchsticks.I looked all over,to find something,to start my fire,to “BBQ” Then I remembered the part,where I was very disgusted,with our Rottweiler, called Oubaas(directly translated, with the same meaning Old Boss)biting the fire,the minute it looks,as if it’s going to burn at last.Then,at some stage he was biting everywhere,but at last,he couldn’t kill my fire.He went on like a really mad dog,which drew the attention of my mother and (then called)maid.They doused my fire and it wasn’t a minute too soon….I set a large bush of reeds alight…. adjacent to the house!Luckely,it didn’t reach the house,but my butt felt much older,than my age afterwards.Everybody in the neighborhood knew,as mother wanted to let all know,how mischievous I was.
This “maid-Sophy“had a baby boy,just a few months later and her quarters was,at the back of the yard.I’d go in and out to check on him,as I” helped”mother,with my baby brother,not more than 3 months apart,from this baby)There were people shouting and I ran away,as mother and Sophy charged to her room….
Her room was build from “split poles”(very popular for add-on’s,back then) layed out with newspaper,for insolation and I,once again,got hold of her matches,where she left it,next to the candle.It started small…I would set,just a corner on fire and quickly blow it out….I never realized and thought,that it is burning up,a wider piece of paper,each time…I shouted and screamed and mom and Sophy got her baby out in time.I don’t even want to go to thàt hiding!!!!Again,èverybody was told about this incident.
  I didn’t ever again,set anything else,except for a BBQ fire,alight again,but I can still build a mean fire!!
My dogs are all “pure bred” unwanted/bound for euthanasia,saves.
#There was Grumpy,a Jackie mix,that was às clever and naughty,but looked like a poodle(died 3 years ago,at the age of 15)
#Then Loftus(Blue Bull fan (remember?)and it’s the name of their home grounds)The closest to a Sharpei,I’ll ever be able to afford(died end of last year, at the young age of only 8years)
#We still have Taiwan,a Sharpei and pitbull mix, bred for fights.Wasn’t bred to live long,but even though he isn’t doing tòò well,he’s still years “past his due date”(14+)
#Rasta,a Jackie and Staffie mix,meant to be euthanized,at nearly 5weeks old,as he was the runt and did not meet the byers expectations.Also a senior citizen(12+)but still impossible….
  #All other…r.i.p
  My children know the difference,between beautiful and “a sight for sore eyes”My eldest daughter,is mother to my eldest grandchild/daughter. A bèautiful little girl….not at all like her mother(true!!)more like her eldest uncle.Seven months later,my youngest daughter,gave birth to my eldest grandson….his uncle,aunt and mother,clèàrly visible in him (true)My husband was vèry surprised,when my daughter told him,her baby looked so much like them,from the photos she saw….that he was just as(true)ugly!!!My two sons and daughter-in-laws, couldn’t care less,about their babies’s appearances and never spoke their mind,but oh boy,were thèy(true)”not so beautiful”Luckely all of them,are turning out to follow,in my children’s footsteps,regarding beauty…
NO!!I never said anything.I’m their grandmother and we don’t tell…I didn’t lie though.I just never spoke my thought out loud…Now that they’re starting to look like actual humans,I can join in,when their parents tell others,about their rather “unattractive”ducklings, when they were born.
  Sophy’s little boy,went to stay with the family,as it was traditional,that the family(usually the gran)take care of the babies,after breastfeeding was terminated,’round about 2 years old.She did bring him,from time to time,to visit over a weekend.One day she came back,from her 2 weeks leave,only to resign….her 5 year old  died,due to complications from Chickenpox.She couldn’t look at my little brother,without yearning for her own son…
  I’m not including a photo of myself,but you certainly can believe me…ùgly little baby ànd photos don’t lie.If you’re not pretty,don’t ask to take a pretty /beautiful photo,because a photo won’t fix your looks….oh yes…it was befòre photo shopping,of course…
  Should someone ask you,whether their baby is beautiful,will you pout your lips,wiggle your nose and say in a child’s voice “oh yes!!!How can you even ask such a question…?”
  Do you take a chance and hurt their feelings,but be honest….rather now,instead of being blamed,as untruthful or a dishonest person.
Sometimes it’s best to keep quiet,but then don’t ask me that question and try and force me to lie….chances are good I won’t.

Love them to bits…