I àm going to step on toes….it’s still the truth and we can’t change the truth!!!!

**I also need to warn you,that this is a long piece and will take a while to read,but PLEASE,do yourself(and tourists/travelers)the favor of reading this,to the end….
   The flaws in our laws and our government’s lack,of proper leadership,is really sending us,on a downhill spiral.
   Answering certain questions for Qora,can sometimes drive me up the wall.Whý on earth,would tourists still ask,about the crime rate and safety in South Africa?I take it,that if they can ask a question on Qora ànd read the answer,they can read a newspaper and if they have money,to want to travel to SA,they’re surely in possession,of a television set?Don’t they ever watch the news,about the precarious situation in South Africa?Not that everything happening nowadays,reaches the outside world,through our media….
  There was an interesting advert on TV,a while ago,about a tourist returning home from SA and was telling his friend about his experience…one was that we live behind high walls,with electric fences,an alarm system, full windows and doors safety gates and burglar bars,as wèll as Security  guards patrol the streets….and then we still keep fire arms… Must add that it comes with vèry strict laws,regarding owning one.Now,the Police Service have an “amnesty” each year,for people to hand in their firearms,for distruction,to “live”a life without firearms and it would therefore,decrease our crime rate….SERIOUSLY!!The poor fools,are giving up their lawful right,to be in possession of a firearm.Are they really under the impression,that a criminal would hand in that stolen gun,that most probably was involved in a murder?
  HEALTH DEPARTMENT:Another Government Department,going down the drain.Since the amendment in our laws,everybody takes a armful of the money feast and split.The higher up,the better the already outrageous salaries and bonuses.Corruption is by now,associated with SA Governmental Departments.
Goverment hospitals are unhygienic and overcrowded,with vèry limited beds,medical care and medicines.So many patients complain,that the clinics only issue Panado and Brufen,never mind the health complaint.The Ambulance staff hàve to work overtime,especially in our rural towns,like Burgersdorp,because they are way understaffed.The government already owes them,years of backpay,in unpaid overtime and excess hours,which they struggle to get paid out,for years now.There are sometimes no ambulances available,between our three adjacent towns,to handle really serious emergencies,like heart attacks,stabbing,accidents, premature labor ect.BECAUSE the ambulances are used,to transport outpatients,to their doctors appointments, in the cities,or they have to go fetch discharges!!!I don’t call it an emergency service,but rather a patient taxi(free Uber)Otherwise they have to transfer patients to the cities,between about 200-300 kilometres away, as there is a Foreign doctor at the local hospital,that would rather transfer than treat.They’re only allowed, to apply for internal transfers,to work in another town/city and if nobody wants to exchange hometowns,you can’t do anything.Discipline are not the same,as when I was a nurse,or when my husband did his training.
I don’t even want to go,to the rest,on this subject.
*I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension,more than 4 years ago.Because my husband is a sivil servant and is a member of the Government medical aid scheme,you’d think,they’d be up to date with my illness,regarding the signs,symptoms and supporting treatment thereof.But no,they won’t pay,or issue any supportive medication,even though it’s also a terminal illness,even worse than cancer,because there is no operation,like with cancer,or treatment to reverse it,like with Cancer, HIV/AIDS and Diabetes,or to put it in remission,like the already mentioned.Even people that suffered a heart attack,can live for years afterwards,because of  “stents” Thèse are some terminal illnesses,where a difference can be made…The type of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension I have is terminal,but no difference can be made.All this,still going on,after numerous appeals.
   OUR SCHOOLS:Children assault the teachers and they’re not allowed,to defend themselves physically.Children stab each other in the schools and burn the schools,if they’re not satisfied,with something.University students are not as carefree and safe,anymore and are also distroying anything,in their way,when they’re protesting…. like setting the Sanlam Auditorium,of the University of Johannesburg alight and some of the rarest oldest books,of which some,were the last and ònly replicates.
Girls,as young as 11 and 12,sometimes still in school uniform,are grouping at illegal taverns and will do anything for a mere R10($0.66)or R20($1.33)
ANIMALS:are suffering a great deal,especially in the townships,as we don’t have the service,of the SPCA(animal control)close to these rural towns.They’re abused and have to roam the townships,for food.The bitches are constantly pregnant.They have mage and aren’t treated,for tics and fleas.
MUNICIPALITY:this is a STICKY toffee!!Our water resources,almost everywhere in SA,is on the brim,especially our rural towns.I stay in Burgersdorp and the two reservoir dams especially,are way too shallow,to keep enough rainwater.In drought times like now,we’re warned,that the water is not safe for human and animal consumption,without pre-cooking and treatment.We’re also being rasioned and receive water,every 2nd day,for 2 hours only.
ELECTRICITY:another problem.National Loadshedding(electricy power cuts,for two hours at a time and this can happen twice and even happened three times per day)Bussinessess loose vast amounts of money and we can’t buy bulk foods,to be refrigerated,or be freezed.
Yesterday,the municipality did tree felling and damaged a transformer.The company that sells it,won’t supply a new one,as they still await payment,for the previous one,two weeks ago!!Wè were asked,to donate to pay,or be without power,over the weekend.Luckily a good Samaritan came to our rescue.As I write this,we’re waiting for the transformer to arrive,from the city,to be installed….that could mean, that we have wait until tomorrow…
   SIGNAL+INTERNET CONNECTION:We have a problem with the signal from the tower.We have been without signal,for up to four days,at one stage.
   To bring the municipality’s problems together:If there is a thunderstorm in the air and sometimes only nearby,chances are also good,to be without electricity.
Because of corruption,we,the consumers struggle.When we have loadshedding,during the two hours,our water should be made available,we loose out on that,because the electrical water pump can’t operate.The tower for our signal,is useless after a while,if the electricity is cut,because the batteries can not charge.Wonder about solar energy…?The only grocer we have,sumerely locks his doors,during loadshedding or during the(more than enough)municipal power outages
THUS:NO electricity,NO water,NO signal….

  TRANSPORT:It’s also a gamble,to make use of the public transport system,in SA.Espècially for tourists,as they don’t know any better.You’re not safe anywhere,as the taxi’s “box” your vehicle in and demand you to get out,or be killed and sometimes,it doesn’t make a difference,if you do….The increasing trend,is “Smash and grab” where they wait at robots,surprise the drivers,waiting in the que,in their cars,by smashing the window,grabbing anything they see and dissappear into traffic.They’re already not visible anymore,when they’re about 4 or 5 cars away,simply moving to another lane.
The South African Airways,that used to be a pride and joy,had to be bailed out,with BILLIONS,AGAIN!!This happens more and more often and closer together.
The same with our power supplier,ESCOM

   MURDER:Our farmers are being tortured and brutally murdered.None of our media platforms,did àny reports on that,for more than a year now.Even though farmers wère murdered.Nòthing,nothing, nothing leaks out and if you don’t hear it from other farmers,through the grapevine,you’d never know.Murdering each other,or being killed,due to their criminal acts and even raids,for drugs and illegal shebeens(taverns)hit the weekly and sometimes even the local news papers.
  LANDGRABBING:(land expropriation without compensation)Mr. Ramaphosa,told a news agency from abroad,that it doesn’t exist,well it is  true.It’s happening,as I’m typing this.NEED TO MENTION:The people that stand accused,of corruption and STATECAPTURE,occupy high ministerial positions and members of Parliament…
XENOPHOBIA:Only a new excuse,to take the law,on foreigners in their own hands.They raid the small businesses,burn it down and assault and even kill, the foreigners.Sometimes,they don’t care,that the adjacent businesses are those of South Africans,or legal immigrants!!Nò one is safe.If you’re a farmer,your 1st,on the “to do list” for one Political Party.Some of this Political Party’s members,like to show,how they’re going to cut our throats,with their fingers sliding from side to side,on their throats,while they stare at you,with undeniable hate,in their eyes.This Party doesn’t deny,that they spread the word,of something in the line of:The ònly good white,is a dead white ..

I knòw,I’m not doing this Country’s economy any good and I’m really trying making sure,we have at least some decline,in tourism,by telling you this.Some of the influenced youngsters,who had absolutely nòthing to do, with “apartheid” and “The struggle” are only 12,13,14 years old.They form groups and rape other children and even their elderly isn’t spared,the humiliation.They are tortured and sometimes  even killed brutally.

  Whý in this world,would I lie,about this situation in SA,if I know for a fact,that it’s really not favorable,for ANY tourists/travelers,to visit SA.I won’t be able to sleep at night,knowing that a tourist could be murdered,because I promoted tourism!!
I won’t be able to live with myself,to know,that a family abroad,is without a mom or/and a dad, a brother, aunt…. because I didn’t do mý best,to warn them and therefore,protect them,from what can turn out,in a disastrous tragedy….I would love to make my dream come true,to come visit your countries,some day….when hubby and I have enough funds,before I “move on to the 4th dimension,my final destination”

Where does the livin’on a prayer comes in???If you were South Africans,you’ll also pray nonstop….I think we ran out of luck,a long time ago…..
I can think of a few songs,especially the song names,to describe it perfectly,but let’s go with:

Bon Jovi:living on a prayer

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