It happened during a time in my life,I actually started to believe,that my mother cared for me.She already moved in with me,after she retired,which means,that my current husband,got himself a “stay-at-home-mother-in-law”When were married,for about two years or so,we had sò much fun,having her around.She enjoyed a few drinks with us and I’d usually,grab one of my girls and my mother the other one and we would dance in circles,around the lounge floor.She went along to the Hotel,where my husband and I were part of the pool(biljards)and dart clubs.Not often,but she did, two or three times,when the children was at a sleep over,at one of my friends’s houses.I have to add,that my brothers two children were also staying with us, while he sorted out his messy divorce.It was also before my mother developed Dimentia….(*)a nasty illness,that devowers your brain,inside out,because it takes your life over completely and ruin your friendships and family life…people don’t àlways understand,the devistating effect,Dimentia can have on a person,suffering from it, too.It brings out a totally different personality and as my mother and I didn’t àlways have a close relationship,as it was,so it was worse,when we separated paths,with so much misunderstanding,a year or two later and she died.

Now to the piece, of the story,that inspired today’s “Daily’s”

We tried our best,to go fishing,at least once a month and of course this included my mother,my four children,my brother’s two children,my husband and myself…Altogether nine people.We didn’t have much,but we spent quality time,as a family and I taught them,how to put on the hooks,what type of bait to use,how to swing and release.They had fun in the water,when not fishing and we enjoyed seeing them,so carefree.I taught them,to never leave anything behind,when they leave,except their footprints,never mind in what condition,you found the area in…keep it clean..We always took extra rubbish bin bags and when we cleaned up,behind ourselves ànd the messy people,before us,we report to the guard at the gate,where we left the rubbish bags,for them to pick up.(For the record – hubby needed some serious lessons in fishing too,as he didn’t know anything of catching fish,in a river,lake,or dam)My mother didn’t join in the fishing,but would just sit there,staring over the water,being in her own world.We usually slept in our tent(3 rooms,a middle area and a large canvas port. It was known as “Villa Louw”)but when my mother came with,we booked a chalet(self catering family unit)in the Free-State Nature Reserve.A beautiful place with only three chalets then,overlooking the water from three side’s.The windows in the main bedroom and lounge/kitchenette/dining room,had a beautiful view over the water and sunsets.

On the weekend in October ’98,it was time for us,to go fishing again.It was a long weekend,so children were free,my husband was his week off and I took my long weekend off.

This meant,that we were on the road,early the Friday morning,already.Please picture this;A white Escorts and hubby driving(*I got my lisence only just before I turned 42-new story,for another time)Okay,so hubby driving,mom in the passanger seat,with my youngest daughter on her lap.Me in the backseat,with my eldest daughter on my lap,my eldest son,in the middle,with hìs brother,on his lap and at the other end,my brother’s daughter, with hèr brother,on her lap.We took enough provisions,to cover us for three days… meat and other foods,three meals per day and snacks,as well as enough beer,for the adults and soda,for the children.Clothes for all of us and toiletries.Fishing rods(poles)and (big)tackle bait/fish box,wood for braai(BBQ)Umbrellas and camping chairs,with 2 collapsible trays and a table(for when we’re at the dam itself,fishing.Keep net and scoop net,Two cooler boxes,one for ice and one for drinks….We were packing everything smoothly by now.Everybody knew,what he/she had to do and I was the only one,who could pack everything in the car.

Because we went the day earlier,our “stock”ran quite low and the later it got,the Saterday afternoon,the less of a chance we had,to find a liquor store,still open for business.After a quick and ” proper”discussion,it was decided that my husband,myself and my brother’s daughter,will go to the shops.My Tshirt wasn’t meant for shopping,at that stage and the girl got out and bought the things they needed,at the grocer.When she returned,my husband suggested,we quickly go in the pub,to see the score between two arch enemies;The Blue Bulls and Western Province.We totally forgot,that it was the finals,of the rugby “Curry-Cup”I changed t-shirts with the girl(bìg….larger than me)in the back of the car,while hubby was on the lookout,for potential “onlookers”….

I still had my lucky fishing hat on,that kept my hair in tact and didn’t look that bad….We walked in the door,of a packed to the brim pub/sports bar and everybody’s eyes,were nailed to the screen.It was a tight game.The last ten minute’s,or so…WP was ahead.Will never forget the WP legend,Chester Williams who made us sweat,in just a few minutes….Another surprise when we shouted for the Bulls….we “got the look” as we were seemingly,the only Bull supporters!!!It was way too tense,to keep us quiet and we didn’t care,if they ban us for life afterwards,but the Bull’s needed us and they needed us ùrgently!!As we cheered them on,someone in the far back of the pub,joined in and then two more,on the left hand side,right in front.Then,in a moment of the confusion,the Bulls got hold of the ball and the cheers came from a few more tables….in the last seconds of the game,the Bulls turned the tables around and won the Currie Cup Final,with 24 – 20.The pub roared with us….This time,there were only about six,or so nòw very angry at thèìr team,WP supporters…we smiled all the way,out the door and we left a lòt of happy,rugby spectators behind……Until today “under cover”Blue Bull fans,mind you….

They sure nearly fooled us.

(*)another time,or mentioned in one of my “Daily’s”