I woke up with no reason at all,at four this morning…and then,couldn’t go back to sleep again,as hubby was snorring away…
  I àlways tell people,that my mind never stop thinking,even in my sleep.if I’m awake for only a few minutes,it’s over and done with….I also just about àlways,have some memory or the other,coming up,during this time of night.Just a word or a thought of something,or a glimpse of someone’s face,could literally be a “mind changer” for me…
   Thìs specific memory,of ’round about 1998,is solely blamed on my husband and I hope you see the humor ànd reality in it,as I intended it to be…
  Some background:My husband used to be in the Fire Brigade,for a few years,prior to us meeting.Those years,the Ambulance services,were part of Fire Dept.Just before we met,he decided to move wìth the Ambulance Services,away from the Fire Brigade,l and each formed their own department.
  We were at a time in our lives,where our world seemed to be turned upside down.My mother was staying with us and was already suffering,from the early stages,of dimentia.My brother and his wife,were going through a messy divorce.She couldn’t(and with new found younger years,she actually didn’t want to)take care of her two children, then about 8 and 12.My brother also couldn’t raise them,as he wasn’t home long enough,to give them the attention they needed.So I spoke to my mother and husband and because the rest of the family couldn’t(maybe clever enough to not want to and wouldn’t?)help him,take care of them,we suggested they come stay with us,in our 5 and a half bedroom house,in the Klein Karoo country side.Take note,that I had four children(aged about 4,11,13,14)of my own.
  My husband just got settled in his new job,in the local Ambulance Service.It was also in the days,that we(in rural South Africa!!!)still made use,of telephone exchange/switchboard operators.You’d wind up the phone,the operator answers and put your call through.My husband and colleagues also had the privilege,of taking the ambulances home, because there wasn’t a “Base/Station”like in the cities.
     Thìs incident happened in June/July,when winter in South Africa,was at it’s most unforgiving.Being in a small rural town,with only 4 houses per street block and the wide dirt roads,made it even worse.I walked to work,as it was so close, that you could see the old age home,a block and a half away,when you stand on the(dirt)pavement,in front of our yard.
   My husband and his partner,worked for 7 days strait per shift and were on duty,for the whole 24 hours per day.(24/7)
While he went out on his calls,the senior sister on duty,from the hospital,would phone and give me the address,of the next patient.It went like crazy(actually still does!!)over weekends,which was the aftermath,of substance abuse,especially in the townships:stabbing,domestic violence,assault,rape, murder….
  Thìs specìfic winters morning,at four o’clock,my husband got a call,to go assist with a patient in premature labor.He quickly got dressed and I turned around to go back to sleep.
I was woken with a massive bang.Hubby woke me and I could hear the urgency in his voice.He needed our help!!I woke the 4 eldest children and stepped out on the street,fully dressed in our winter woolies….slippers,gowns and of course added our scarfs and beenies….we knew what awaited us and we walked the few yards,to where the ambulance was parked….a half a block away,in the middle of the street!!!When hubby couldn’t start the vehicle, he tried to “kickstart” it,by letting it run free,to then try and start it,but no use….it was way too cold for the old,heavy ambulance,to make a difference.Hubby was getting grumpier,as he’s running late on the call and then myself and the 4 children,got behind the ambulance and start pushing it,to the downhill part of the street.Our gowns flapping wildly,in the wind,as we picked up speed.Our breaths formed white clouds,as we breathed faster and deeper.Finally,the old thing started and hubby was on his way….then it struck us,what just really happened and as we walked the(now much longer)distance homewards.We suddenly looked at each other and busted out laughing,continuously and unstoppably loud….until the tears finally ran down our cheeks.
   I was so disappointed(and still am)in myself,for never thinking to take my camera with and take some photos.
   Thìs kind of amusement will/can really only happen in our weird amazing South Africa.