FAMILY and(or/vs) VALUES?

I am someone who strongly believes,that you “don’t complain with a white bread in your arms“(roughly translated from the Afrikaans saying”moenie met die wit brood onder die arm kla nie“)It boils down to not complaining about something small,when you have enough other “resources

  Even though it’s not totally by choice and more,due to ill health,I’m still privileged enough,to nòt have to work…like in leaving home,sit in traffic and send up daily prayers,to reach your place of employment,safely.I’m also priveledged enough,to not have to face daily household chores,like other “housewives” or “stay at home moms“because my husband assist me with all my daily “get up and go“struggles.I have so many “off “days,that I’m silently glad,that I’m not mý husband….
   It doesn’t mean that I’m totally useless!!I dò work, even if it’s by doing online surveys,being a local tour guide for Google,writing answers for,Qora,my blogs/site,or doing(English only-I’m Afrikaans speaking)block word puzzles,like word crossy.I’m very proud of my achievements,until now….because I’m an absolute “newby” to blogging and didnt know anything,from the day I started,I hàve to constantly do “research” on the internet.That itself is a challenge,because I only know,whàt I know now,by gathering all information, myself and lots of trial and errors.To let you understand my situation,put a grade one child in an office,with all the responsibilities that goes along with it.If you are as determined as I am,to succeed(specìfically at thìs stage of my life)you listen to the negative criticism and be inspired,by the positive feedback.
   What is the use of family? *They’re there,for one another and support each other.
*They share in your happiness and feel your pain.
*They know things about you,no one else could ever imagine,or don’t know some things,you know are way too personal and private,even for family.
*They give advice and because they love you,you can count on their honest opinion.
*They have unknown patience with each other and make time for one another,even at their busiest moments…..
   What do we see as values?Honesty and trustworthy,loyal, hardworking and punctualilty and patience….
  Now,if we combine family ànd values,you have family values….something you can’t do by choice.Something timeless,that comes natural.
Because they’ve always been there for each other,one would expect them to show support and sincere,unforced interest,in each other’s goals.
   Why does it feel,as if the family is falling apart?Just because,I don’t only want to be on the giving side, anymore….Just because I demand the family,to treat my goals with the same interest,I did with theirs,until now?
What happened to the family,believing that family comes first?What happened to the support,by it through successes or failures?
  Now I’m going to complain with that bread in my arms….
Why,now that I need the same attention and support,I have given so easily and without hesitation,for so long,do I have to fight,for a spot in the sunlight….
Just because I don’t get up in the morning and literally to work,shouldn’t be a reason,to nòt show interest, in my daily life and the goals I strive for,to succeed.You dònt have to like it and you dòn’t have to agree,but it’s mý new “baby” and the best yòù can do,is to give it a chance,at least.I did it for yòù,so many times before ….
   What happened to òùr family’s,family values,now that a favor has to be returned?