Like most days for everyone,I also plan to do a lot,tomorrow…like all of us,we hàve to.It’s what keeps sane,let us get up in the morning,to start the next day.

  Since I’ve been having so much fun with my new best friends,Google,Mobile and WordPress Blog/site,I set new targets for each day,regarding my Daily reads.All of this is a serious,time consuming project on its own…to do one thing,I need to look into something else and by the time I thìnk I have the answer,I don’t remember,what I was looking for in the first place, ànd why…

  Example of my new modern outlook and challenging,life.I want to create a second Gmail account,as some businesses won’t except my email address,which is vèry inconvinient,as I also do online surveys.So sometimes,I’d be just about right at the end and then the “client” doesn’t recognize my personal Gmail address.I loose money because of this and being as uninformed as I am,regarding online stuff, I’ve been going around in circles.

  Then,during this ultimate search,of the unknown wonders of internet and what goes on with it,a new opportunity would jump rìght up in my face.Of còùrse,I don’t grab the first “available”advert,but before I can help myself,but to look at what was on offer,won’t you?Okay so I have another opportunity, to a free email address.Looked at the “stats” and satisfied,I’m filling out,my new found piece of the internet gold…Oh boy,again back at the “personal” email….”INVALID EMAIL ADDRESS”… Go out and into Google account(must add,that it was something I discovered,during my “accidental hunts”)and nòpe,nothing wrong with my Gmail account.Sent an email to hubby and”CC”(also a by”hook and crook”discovery)my daughter,jùst to make sure….hubby is only nòw starting in his crawling stage,following my lead,of course!!So my daughter is his backup…They received the emojis I quickly sent and back I go,to create that damn new email address!!Still no luck and whist looking for solutions again,whàt do you know,another even better opportunity arises.Going through it àll… SUCCESS…Try out all the “foreign” buttons and what do you know…jùst after reading the welcome note,I pressed a button,that could’ve,should’ve been call “the red button”I LOGGED MYSELF OUT!!!No problem,been there and done that.Should be easy by now…just go back and repeat,or ask friend Google…nò luck thìs time ’round.Okay,let it be…on my way out,an answer I passed by,too quickly….”ANOTHER GMAIL ACCOUNT!!Okay, follow the instructions,the easiest way I can understand…At long last!! Into the part of my Google account,I needed to be,five hours gone by,already!!Never mind,I’m in..follow the steps and everything is set,to where I have to enter my personal email address…. Time Termination!!!

   I want to give three scenarios….It’s going to take some time,to read all, but please….

  A person(male-argument sake)gets up in the morning,goes to the bathroom,makes coffee, gets dressed,drive the same route each weekday,to the same job,seeing familiar faces and traffic along the way.The same paperboy and the same beggars,on the corners he expects them to be and if one was missing,he’d think”maybe won the lotto?”Then stop at the same parking spot,for the last 15 years.Get out of the car,nod at the security guard,have some unwanted daily chats,with the other employees in the elevator.He goes to his cubicle and start his day…
by attending to the most urgent obligations and then try to rush off,to at least have tea-and-lunch breaks.He’s been doing this job for so many years now, that the CEO,should be on the look out for his own job.After work,he gets in his car and heads back home,where his goldfish and cat,are waiting.The  thing is,he couldn’t wait to get home,because he is following online courses in wine-tasting and is part of vèry popular rockband,in another city,on Friday and Saturday nights and participate in vicious dogfighs on Sundays.

  (Female)She snoozes the alarm clock,for the third time and by the time she lifts her head of the pillow,she realizes that she rèàlly needs a break…a lòng one at that.She’s been entertaining new clients,for the firm,for months in a row now and her husband and children are complaining.Righfully so,as she hasn’t been present, even if they did something, as a family.She’s àlways busy,on her phone and laptop,always looking for new clients and forever busy creating their websites…

   I start my day when I want to,because I’m enough privileged to.I end my day,when the new day is dawning,by choice.Because my husband enjoys,making the most delicious dishes,I don’t rèàlly cook anymore…Our choice.We sleep during the day,when he works nightshifts and the neighbors go about their daily obligations.We also have our BBQ’s,during the week,as he works about four weekends in a row,at a time.I discovered the wonders of the internet world,not so long ago and with my hassles and struggles,I eventually get the information I need and by never giving up,I can teach my husband,some of the new wonders of the web world.I’m not forced by daily existence,to follow a certain trend.I get up and the moment I touch my phone,my daily challenges begin.
By being loyal and responsible,are you sumerely just advancing,your personal daily “inventory”or is precision and daily schedules just an instrument,to make a statement?Do you experience it as a challenge,or are you only optimizing your daily resources?Do you have to be unpredictable,to be challenging?
For me,a challenge is not only to advance to the next level,in completing a task.I don’t live by the “follow the instructions” leaflets.I’m not dependent,on just a seasonal or periodical change of mind and/or mood….

  For me,*”a challenge is a personal dare,to prepare myself emotionally,financially and physically,to persevere in  reaching that marginalized,supposedly unreachable goals”*
*My own words..

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