I’ve been a keen “gardener” ever since I can remember.For me,at this age,which older persons may describe as “still wet behind the ears”I boast that I know something,of quite a few things…
  As a small child,my parents,or nobody I knew,for that matter,were into gardening vegetables,but some ladies,had the most beautiful flowerbeds,with the most beautiful plants in it,perfectly spaced and mixed with the right “opposite” plants and flowers,to compliment that special beauty and let your eye catch it first.I was about five or six years old then,but my two of my mother’s “wealthy”(but stingy as hell!!)friends,àlways had the latest beauty’s,in their gardens and since they were sister-in-law’s,the competition was fierce!!The rest of their friends(?)could only envy them,as the cheapest,but beautiful indigenous,was all they could afford.Plant/flower seeds,cuttings,bulbs,roots and seedllings,were eagerly exchanged between them(including us!)Plants like(not the indigenous plants like fynbos,Protea and Blue Crane(Azalia))but the South African “Kanna”(Canna hybrids)Gladioli,Stinky Marigold,Zinnia and of course our Daisy’s…The Namakwaland Daisies,that only bloom two-three weeks per year,but that is responsible for a spectacular carpet,of mainly yellow and orange  flowers,for as far as the eye can see.Then one,mòre famous domestic flower,associated with worldcup quality sports,was the South African rugby team Blue Bulls,then better known for the “Northern Transvaal”flower,called the Barberton daisy.
  In àny case,most plants weren’t as famous and endangered back then and that were the only affordable/free/” hand-me-down”plants and flowers we could keep,in the form of exchanging,between friends and neighbors.
I love gardening,be it fruit trees(spare me the temperament of brushes and/or bushes,like berries and creepers like passion fruit,or Strawberry)
I really started noticing gardening,when my mother,out of impatience handed me the leafs,of her Coleus(Josefskleeds) plants,when it was time to pinch of the flower heads,to prevent forming “seeds” and of course to improve growth.She bluntly told me,to put the leaf stems in water and I did and whether it do actually could be propegated this way or not,two of my leaves rooted!!!It was like *catching your first fish(*see elsewhere about fishing and later,in my true life memories)
I can’t,maybe I just dònt wànt to remember,about my “gardening” after that,until I reached grade six.I got some seeds from a friend at school,after she told me,of her and her mother’s gardening.It was the seeds of the Nasturtium flower.I nurtured it and because it was planted,in a well protected area,they grew quite big,with healthy green leaves and thick crawlers/runners(not creepers)…
  Due to a miserable, abusive childhood,I got pregnant prematurely,on purpose(*see in tags or still to come,in True life)….
I was only 20 and àlready pregnant with my third baby.My children’s spermdonor(*)dragged me to a small-holding,in a Peri-Urban area and left me(pregnant,agàìn)and the children(still babies)alone at home,for sometimes days at a time,without money,food,or transport…we weren’t privileged enough,to be able to afford a telephone(only landlines,back then and mostly for the rich)so I couldn’t call out…
As time passed by,I started asking around,about vegetables and gain more info on gardening vegetables and flowers and it was as if,any seedling/cutling,I asked for and planted turned into this abundant plant,be it fruit, veggies or flowers.
I didn’t loose that “hoarding” of anything plants and it breaks my heart,to through out any seeds.This simply means,that I’m constantly saving and planting.Some are huge successes,like the last “in season” pear,apple and lemon trees,I nurtured in front of the “west facing bedroom window.The outcome is unbelievable!!I’ve tried my luck,quite a few times,at growing any grapes from cutlings,that didn’t do it for me,bought at a nurseries and of all,only have one “oldish”nearly 8 year old vine,going nowhere and one,I bought in 2018,that seems to grow okay…
  Yesterday,I ate some lovely juicy fruit that I really like,but like mangos and avo’s,will enjoy one,or two in season….I almost àlways,save the pips/pits/seeds,of the peaches, apricots,lemons,oranges….Then mè,who thought I knew a bit more(rèàllyjust a bit more!!)than the women, who didn’t hàve to get married and didn’t hàve a complete family,just a month short of their twenty first birthday….Like I said….I think I know more about sòme things,many people(especially women)at my age,still have to learn about.I may have been forced,by circumstances,into the unknown and uncomfortable lifestyle,I’ve known as a child-mother,but it never broke my stride…I’m still open to new,rare and awkward information,to help me catch up with those,also around my age “group”now,who had the privilege,to follow a normal young adult life.
  I really tried everything,I cut,dip and rooted,with home remedies,with nò success!Hubby and I even discussed it,somewhere during our marriage,talking about useless plants and pests…YES I know about the food chain,but please don’t make excuses for that extra large fly(blowfly/horse fly/hummer….)with a noisy turbo enjin and do you rèàlly don’t mind,donating blood,to a whole swarm of musquitos?How about headlice,or scabies?
  Last night,out of the blue,I though I’d have a good laugh,at what people’s answers would be,on a question I knòw “for certain”is a waste of time.Been there and done that*(an old time friend’s saying)I did ask around about it,a few years back agàìn,as my mother’s generation swore against it,years ago and the answers were the same…
   But today,Google ànd Pinterest proved all wrong!!
Grapes actually CAN and will grow from SEEDS!!!