Tell me whò decided,whèn,to call whàt,a crisis.Crisis describes something,going in a different direction,as planned… You say yes and I say no…you say up and I say down..?When I get up way too late,one morning and my hairdo is a total disaster…I quickly wash and the minute I start the hair dryer,sparks fly and the distinctive smell,of burned electrical wire,hangs heavily in the air…when I try the hair brush,there’s a “click” coming from the electrical switchboard…power gone?Is this a crisis already,or is more needed,to create a crisis?What if I add:On my way out,I broke the key off, in the lock of front door,but since I’m extremely late,I’ll have to leave it,until I can call a locksmith from work(which is rèàlly,only a vèry unrealistic dream,in the rural town,I stay)…not crisis enough yet?Got to the garage door…NO,I didn’t take the bunch of keys,still lying on my bedside table…It’s raining cats and dogs and there is no cellphone signal,to call in late for duty,or to at least try and organize,other means of transport.Wish I could ask the neighbor,but they’re on holiday,for a few days…If this should really happen to me,I’d say the crisis started with the first problem(or two)already.

There’s been a fourty eight seater bus accident,on a vèry quite road,between a few rural towns,with only one ambulance available,to cover the whole area…crisis?The ambulance is in a town,nearly seventy kilometres away..Crisis nòw?

Finally got assistance,from the city emergency services….the only senior doctor,is away on a conference,about how to organize big capacity accidents,with the utmost minimal resources…crisis?

Two of my neighbors have cats(male of còurse)The only stray cat in the neighborhood,won’t leave and we decided to let Sam stay,meanwhile.We knew that the other males would fight,for territorial rights and chase him off,eventually…found out Sam was rèàlly a Samantha,was pregnant already ànd had five little baby girls,shortly after…. crisis?

It is said,that between the ages of fourty five and fifty five,people want to make up for lost time.They had to work hard,to earn enough to make sure,their family is doing good and well looked after.Children out of the house and the wives feel,like the husbands are looking at all other women,dressed with next to nothing and they’re a big threat to the wives.Men want the latest motorbikes, with leather jackets and small fast cars,but kindly forget about that potbelly and underworked muscles.Women color their hair and go for anything “lift up and tuck in/away” buy tight fitting jeans and let their saggy boobs wobble,over the way too small bra,designed for the younger generation.They can’t wait,to go do some shopping,in that sàme new “level with the ground”sportscar,to struggle in and out,jùst to enjoy the envy,on those seemingly loose girl’s faces and to see the lust(for the car!!)in the young men’s eyes…This stage in life,is rightfully called”midlife”as it falls about,in the middle of a person’s life/age….It can’t be easy,to live with someone,who’s going through all the temptations,during the midlife stage claims to be….but is it so bad,that it should fall under the catagory,called a CRISIS?

…. Crisis?

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