So after a lot of thought,back and forth between FAQ,to Google,back to WordPress and repeat the whole process and then repeat the repeat…

All,just because I had to pay for the upgrade,a year in advance.To experience the shock,after converting $1 to the South African Rand,and then multiply by the 12 months,was something to take into careful consideration.Being “Januworry”and all..

It was during the morning hours(when I’m at my most active,roaming)that I finally decided to upgrade,from the “free” plan,to “personal”

I was so excited,because now I could do so much more…

See,this whole process started on an idea,to try my hand at freelance writing.I went through so many opportunities and with the promise,of earning a small income,they have special subjects,like new essays,or personal stories,that even a total raw “newbie”like me,should be able to submit,to stand a chance.Well,it seems that I’m really way too raw.All the expectations and research involved,isn’t exactly for someone as uncapable,as myself.In my quest to make one dream come true,I stumbled across online surveys.Not the fun I thought it would be and even though I completed sòme surveys,I haven’t received anything yet.

Okay,so I upgraded my site to personal and thought that at last,I’m on the right track… To use my site/blog,to tell others about my childhood and life,to help them in some way,or maybe they could use my life stories,to not make the same mistakes I made.

The more I looked into it,the more exited I got.I’ll be able to open up my site/blog,for advertisers,as well.

I read about Google AdSense and other “plugins” and saw that I didn’t need most,as just about everything,will be provided and is done,by the WordPress team.They did so much for me,up to now… I received an email, suggesting I start a separate Gmail,for this site, which I did….but oh boy,I’m still not in the clear.I hàve to upgrade to business,to get my planned projects,off the ground.I’m disappointed,but I still trust the WordPress team…I’m doing what I like to do best….talking on “paper”

Just don’t know,when I’ll have actual readers,and advertisers using my special place….

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