First thought of còùrse”unbelievable”… Then something like “somebody is paying her a hèll of a lot of money” òr “I’m sure she’s part of the WordPress program and/or team”

Nope,you’re wrong…not just wrong,but wày off.Let me explain,to the poor internet illiterate people like me…

I’m 55 and rèàlly only decided to explore more,on “web-related challenges” about 2 years ago.With that said,please take in mind, that I stood strongly,against the first mobile phone and then it took some courage,to begin to even trý and understand “mobile” làndlines.This started nearly 20 years ago…We could only move,as far as 200 meters away,from the “base” that suddenly,was tòtally depended on electricity!!Living in a small,rural country side town,this wasn’t a very bright idea,but all the same,we did it.It wasn’t easy,to get used to my first(purily through children and hubby group pressure!!)real Mobile phone…a small Samsung device,with a leaflet,that needed intense study and only the really hìghly ranked up,computer nerds could understand.The new words and actions,certain keys portrayed,were enough to confuse,the normal used-to-pen-and-paper-person like me,not to tell you about the(only)35 character sms.So I upgraded,but couldn’t follow trend,with email, Facebook…and “mixed it” like mad.The first encounter with an email, was absolutely traumatic!!Take note,that I’ve been for my learners drivers lisence,so many times over the years and never got around,to the actual drivers,because I didn’t have the guts,or because I was scared of the “unknown”?… that I went through almost èvery new way,of the “K” whatever follows,it’s actually scary.Well I did put my foot down and got my (legal!!)drivers license,a month before the 18 month learners expiry date and a month short,of my 43rd birthday.Now thìs was when I realized,that if I rèàlly wanted to reach a goal,I’m actually the one,who should start to make the right moves.It took time and nerves,because I knew it wouldn’t be way.When I heard people around me,talk”computer/internet,I tried my best,to duck and change subject.When going deeper into the wonders of www,I realized how easy it was,to accidentally delete something….I was like an abandoned pup,in a big cat’s world!

Thanks to Google,who took a chance on me,to “offer” me the opportunity,to become a local tour guide,it woke up a long lost talent, to write(not saying I’m a pro,all of a sudden)Then it was another miracle called Pinterest and the ultimate was(yip,you guessed it) Qura!!On this platform,I can try and assist people,by using my own life’s experiences.Then Google put another hero across my path:WordPress!!Mè.. a blòg ànd a “sìte”?Please!!Well it’s true.It was so easy, I don’t understand why Google aren’t more prominent,in advertising such wonderful products like WordPress.Hopefully, WordPress will look into my reviews and ratings,based on honest and unbias product experiences.I really want to make a success out of this and since my time on earth is limited……short explanation,for a longer heartbreaking life story,I have to deal with…I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension,nearly 4 years ago.It is a terminal illness,with no operation to correct and no treatment to slow down progression,especifically in South Africa,as it is still sò rare and ignored,that the medical aids,won’t give special treatment and privileges,as with other terminal illnesses like cancer and/or Aids ànd believe it or not,Diabetes. While treatment of some of these conditions,can result in a prolonged life,with the available treatment.PAH has to still trý and follow the path.I hope to achieve my vision,of making some money,while being able to assist others,in need of some serious true life’s advice.I wànt to make this blog/site successful,to open doors for other’s,who thinks the internet is only for “chosen ones”I won’t give up,because this is my reason,to get up and proof, that we,the PAH sufferers,don’t hàve to slow down or go out,without a fight and that we càn still finish a challenge,even if it’s more difficult,than for the internet literate.

I may not have the money,but I sure as hell have the time and if given the opportunity,I’ll fight for success….

Keep trying…be honest and truthful.Be open minded and to the point,but never be brutal,hurtful and unfair.

1)EXPLORE new possibilities

2)CHALLENGE yourself to new goals

3)PERSISTENCE.Keep trying and trying.

4)SUCCESS is destinated for those who follow these rules.

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