Nobody can escape from it…

“There will àlways be another tomorrow…but the time is nòw.If you don’t make use of the chance,you may not get the same opportunity tomorrow…”

How often do we make plans?With our busy lifestyles and responsibilities,we plan events and tasks ahead.Sometimes months or even a year in advance.Just to make sure,it is successful.

Well,we also know by now,that life is independent and whatever you plan,it won’t be influenced by time,or events.

I wanted to start by sharing some of my past experiences,as I remembered,but life decided different.I have so much to tell,that I won’t really know when to begin,when I start.

For now,I hurt..A lòt.My eldest brother died on Monday(06/01/2020)

All of us have plans and projects,challenges and resolutions,but we can’t control time and we have no control over life..Nothing can interfere with either.

Our family are so far and wide-spread,that was close to impossible,to get the 4 siblings,5(of the 6) children and 8(of the 9)grandchildren,to organize a family reunion.My youngest brother turned 50 in September and although the 4 siblings were present,for a few hours,only my 2 middle children,with their 4 children and my sister’s only chikd/daughter,with her granddaughter could make it.My eldest son(38)became a first time dad,on granddad’s birthday26/11/2020)and my youngest daughter got married,on the 7th of December.Again,only my youngest brother and my eldest son,her eldest brother,could attend.

We had sò many plans for 2020.My husband is turning 50 in November,which means that the new baby will turn 1 and my youngest daughter,turns 30… Plans were going back and forth,to make sure, everybody can take leave and attend the get-together.

Little did we know,that there will be a sibbling missing… Not because he won’t be able to attend by decision,but purely because life’s intervention,giving time,the upper hand..we have no say in it and we can’t undo it..nothing can change it and we’re forced to except fate and move on.I’ve lost a few loved ones in my life,but why does it seems,like the pain is going to last forever,each time we have to say that final goodbye?

He was respected by the family’s children and his opinion mattered a great deal,to all of us.All our grandchildren adored him and he loved them equally.His words were hard sometimes,but his heart was soft and open.I won’t attend the cremation,or the service two days later… again,because life decided different,because time is against me…we lived 900 kilometers apart,but were actually separated worlds apart.

“Time waits for nòbody”was said by someone.. That was no lie.

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