On the 2nd day of January

It’s 01H20 and impossible to believe,that we’re in the 2nd day of 2020 already.

It wasn’t quite the “New Year” explosion,like it seems,everybody else had.Hubby worked yesterday and today,so like Christmas,thìs is a festive season going out,without a bang.

Like àlways,I was on my phone,exploring all the possibilities,of the internet…boy it surely is Greek,with Russian spelling,for a newby,like me.I appreciate teams like the WordPress team,that takes you through everything,step by step.Of course I can’t go a few hours,without Google,too!!

Did my usual social media “obligations” but then something happened,that had me furious.Like I mentioned,somewhere else,I’m on Qora too.It kept me relatively busy,since this morning,answering my questions like always,based on my true life experiences.Big was my surprise,that an answer, that took me really long,to answer,was merged with another.I queried it and suggested,they look at the questions and merge the questions beforehand,instead of letting a few people answer already and thèn the questions get merged.BIG mistake!!The two answers following,got collapsed as well ànd flagged as inappropriate,according to Qora rules.When I appealed,I got the nastiest answers,from the panel, which I never expected from them.Again I complained,but still answered another question and you guessed it…collapsed by the Qora panel.

I’m still very unhappy about it and I’m considering,to close that door.Maybe it’s time for me,to move on…I’m exploring and trying to learn as much as I can,as quickly as I can…So the people following,please stay put and be patient,as I’ll have my Q&A’s ready,on thìs site,within the next 2 weeks or so.

In the mean time,see what I’m up to and let me know if you have any suggestions,or questions,about life’s disappointments.

Hopefully those loyal followers from Qora,will stick with me.I’ll reveal my true life story,from my mostly miserable childhood,school problems,high school drop outs,bullying,up to teenage sex and premature pregnancies,single parenting,single mom to teenagers,child abuse, marriage and the failures accompanying it,infidelity,financial difficulties,nursing,elderly, animals….

Waiting for any suggestions,or questions.Please feel free to contact me.

NO EXPLICITLY!!Let’s keep it clean and natural.

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