Way back when…

I want to share my life’s experiences with you,from early childhood as far back as I can remember,to present time.Maybe something I mention in another answer,to someone else’s question,brings a question to mind,you’ve been wanting to ask,for a long time already.It’s just… you can’t seem to find thè person,who will put it all on the line,to give you the honest,truthful and open answer you need,from someone who’s “been there and done that”Look no further??I’m that person, who’ll answer your questions,based on my òwn heartaches,loves,parentin, mistakes and successes.

I’d love for you,to join me, as I take us back to my first memories,of my childhood and up to the present time.

Open minded,truthful,honest,unbiased….you deserve to know both sides and the decision you make,is still àll up to you.

Only òne taboo:NO EXPLICITLY…Let’s keep it clean and natural…

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