How do one let go..?Especially,if you’re not ready to…if you don’t want to know and except the truth?Is it fair,to the one you’re holding back,by not letting go,or are you only keeping the one you love alive,because you can NOT expect the fact,that you’re only holding on,to spare yourself the heartache and pain,of losing a precious life,so dear to you….? If you love me,let me go….I’ve been in your life,àll I could possibly be and there’s nothing more,I could possibly do…by keeping me on earth,because you’re feeling sorry for yòùrself and by keeping me on earth,to keep yòù happy,to feed your concience isn’t really fair to mè….is it??? “I did my best,to protect you,to be your friend,to make you laugh,to innocently and unknownly make you angry….I didn’t mean to irritate you and I only called for yòùr help,where I wasn’t certain of the danger mysèlf…..I can’t fight anymore and to even try,would be foolish…. I’ve done for you,on earth,all I ever could….by holding me back,is only to comfort yòù…..Don’t you think it’s time to reward me too?….Do you really find it in your heart,to see me suffer like I do??Don’t you think,it’s time to let me go…to give me the “go ahead”? Plèàse let me go….let me go and rest in peace…” As a nurse(retired in life, but never in heart and soul)I’ve said goodbye to so many elderly residents,in the old age hones I nursed.It never was any easier,because they were older,or maybe because they already had,an underlying illness like CANCER,life threatening Hypertension,Extremely high Cholesterol,Heart failure,DVT….No,I had to walk that last years, sometimes only a month or two,with them,to the end….I nèver wanted any of them to die…even the so called “difficult” ones….They all had a special place,in some way…..Yet life isn’t fair and I mourned many deseased elderly residents,in the old age home,abandoned by their children and other family members.How sad it was,to have all these TEN FACED family children and other family members,suddenly appearing from nowhere!!!It has happened,that a poor elderly person,if lucky enough,only saw the children,once a year….even if they weren’t that far away.The manager,of the last old age home,I nursed for nearly 13 years,usually organized the funarals,especially for the elderly with little,or no visitors and we also made sure,they had funeral policies,just enough,to cover the whole funeral and the last wishes,like being cremated,or buried in a next town,next to a already buried partner… Back,to the reason behind thìs specific blog…. THE PARTS BETWEEN BRACKETS???? FROM YOUR FAITHFUL ÓLD(15YEARS) BOY DOG…. TAIWAN